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average penis?

average penis?

Do any of you guys know of any pics on the net that actually show an ‘average penis’ in an erect state?

I feel this would be helpful to many of us on here who would like to know (regardless of our current sizes) how we actually compare to the average man on the street.

I’ve tried searching the net but to no avail- can anyone help out here?

thanks all

The camera lies……. Just as the rail thin girl looks in the mirror and sees fat, the penis envied male looks at his meat and sees a noodle. Unless the picture you are looking at is unusually small, your probably gonna see it as “better”. Likewise, if you think your packing the best unit ever, you’ll see others as pathetic. The comparison game therefore, is a little risky.

Starting: 6.5 X 5 EBP 4 X 4.1 Flaccid .........................Break: 7.563 X 5.5 EBP 5.25 X 4.375 Flaccid

Restart: 7.12 X 5.12 EBP 4.5 X 4.5 Flaccid

Goal: Somewhere between "Oh my God!!" and the end of blowjobs.

Check the links section for erection photos. There is a wide variety on that site, and it gives you both large and small, thick and thin to review. As far as the “average” that is a whole other subject. Check out tubes and my analysis (search the site), and you can get some ideas of what the “average” of those starting on the site is.

Keep away from the rate my … sites, as they are a bunch of crap and have a lot of doctored photos and assholes that comment on the pictures.

A loving doe, a graceful deer- may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love. Proverbs 5:19

Man, the camera does lie, I know that I could make mine look bigger then it actually is with a camera, thats why most pics put into the members pics in my opinion should always have one pic with a ruler or a hand or something to size it up to stuff

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