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At it again..

At it again..

It seems that Tom Hubbard has a lot of time on his hands now that his new invention has cut down the amount of time he spends on PE. He calls it the Drummer’s Secret (hmm… maybe Tommy Lee is well hung). I like the name PE Sticks or maybe PE Nunchuks, but it is his idea.
Anyway, he has done a complete revision of his site and it is well worth a look. Great illustrations!

Thanks Tom for recommending this forum on your links page.

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It works and it feels good

I read the site for the first time last Friday. I tried it with two smooth un sharpened pencils. It really works and the sensation of seeing your penis being stretched this way is great. I worked at it for about 15 minutes and the I think I am going to switch over to Tom’s method. It appears to be a more uniform method of stretching and jelqing.


Did you hotwrap?
Did you use a motion similar to jelqing with the rods?
Did you have an erection or a partial?
Was your unit swollen like after a good jelq session?


Answers to your questions

I usually soak my penis in warm water for instead of a hot wrap.

I used a motion starting at the top of my penis and going down to but stopping before reaching the head. You can really see the head swell using the rods.

I had a partial erection.

Was it ever swollen. Felt really good and tingly.

Hope that answers


heh heh. You’ve got to love the picture of the drummer on his site. What a hoot! Clever idea and I think I just might have to try it. I assume a split ring type of connection on one end would work out pretty well if it’s the correct size. Kinda regret not having made my theraband price limit with an order of “thera tubing”, which looks like it would be just the ticket for the end of the sticks…just slip it through the holes and tie/melt a knot in each end. Then there’s the problem of what color, what strength, what length all over again, but this time in tube form:) . Actually, one could probably use regular flat thera in some way for this project. Maybe worth a thought or two, considering the members on this board probably own several miles of the stuff collectively. Whatever comes of this, those who experiment with form and technique, do keep posting on any experiments…I certainly will. This could turn out interesting. Perhaps someone could begin a “drumstick” thread, provided that is the name settled on by Tom. I wonder if Tito Puente…

Dave Matthews Band

Boring name, eh? Great band, or what?

So if you’ve got a great idea, why not give it a boring name?


…until I change my mind again ;-)


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