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Anyone had the surgery?


Originally Posted by Lefty
Uncut, Mafero,
I still would like to see something that says that IR causes cancer. I know UV causes it. Could it be that you are getting these 2 mixed up? I did a google search and couldn’t find anything. IR will cause the burn if you use it too long, but it is the UV that causes the cancer.

Anybody else have any info on this?


IR and cancer? I’ve never read or heard anything to that effect. UV certainly, but IR is something that is used as a therapy for healing. The only connection I could imagine is that it helps speed metabolism, so any existing cancer may get a helping hand, maybe. That’s a real long shot guess off the top of my head though.

I’m going to go have a look now to see what I can find because it’s too important to ignore.

As for the tadpoles, if you are in any doubt and if it matters to you, then a £15 microscope from Aldi (or whatever the equivalent in your country is) will provide you with an indisputable answer. Before you take that route though, be sure you know what you’re getting into. You might develop some rapport with the little critters upon first sight, and start to feel guilty in shooting them out into the great cold abyss.

For IR burn, if you use an IR pad you can circumvent that one as they emit only at specific and useful frequencies, whereas bulbs have a very wide spectrum output.

Maybe I did get it all mixed up. My bad, guys.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

No problem. I just wanted to make sure my gains weren’t coming at a huge cost.


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I wonder why they don’t have dick implants, like breast implants, but yet design them in a way so that blood can still fill the penis and make it even bigger when getting an erection.

Breasts don’t have a tunica that defies all of physics when trying to stretch it. They do have implants though for erectile difficulties. Perhaps you could ask for a 9x7 one and gradulally pump it each day?

I would be curious what a medical doctor recommends for a hanging regimen or jelqing or stretching after the surgery. What type of hanger? What other devices they advise?

To nemisis:

It depends on the nature of surgery; for example -after surgery to increase length by cut of ligs this is extremely dangerous, almost unauthorized, hanging regimen. In that cases, jelking is possible and devices of stretching (no hard) too. Pumping, ok.

Surgery of increase girth by fat injection (liposculpture) or increase girth by implants of homologous tissues removed from patient buttocks - obstacle both : hanging and jelk because certainly will occur misshape. No information about pumping or stretching devices on that case.Maybe not recommend too.

If someone has the intent to go at surgery must know the limitations of results and the posterior practices of PE exercises.

Note: medical doctors do not believe or recommends PE exercisers, and that surgery isn’t a routine among them.I’m not a doctor, so the information above are from my personal knowledge. Yours, Bomkara.

Thanks for the reply Bom.

I am pretty sure read another post here by someone who said their doctor recommended hanging after his surgery. I cannot remember who it was but they were joking that he recommended him doing it for up to 8 hours per day. I sort of thought that if a doctor was recommending hanging there was probably some accepted methodology for hanging in the medical community.

Anyone else have some more info from a doc?


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