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Any Bicycling PE'ers out there


I raced as a junior for quite some time when I was a teen. Steve Larson was an amazing junior at the time. He would race with the juniors and then race with the cat 1-2’s. I digress! I would recommend a newer saddle that allows the blood to flow better in the groin area. Make sure you get out of the saddle every ten minutes or so and that should help alot. As a previous poster stated, making sure your seat height is correct and making sure it’s level is very important. Stem length has a direct impact on how much weight is dispersed between the bars and the seat. In short, change your saddle and make sure you are properly fitted to your bike.

The restriction of blood flow may affect how much you turtle and your flaccid hang. Other than that, I don’t think you have much to worry about.

I do only 100 mi. or so a wk and use a seat with two little pads, one under each bun. So I don’t sit on the peri area and have no complications. Last summer I rode from L.A. to Boston using that seat and had no problems. But I don’t race—just enjoy long distance rides. You can get the seat at a “Camping World” store. Only about $29.


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