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anxiety, depression, and shrinkage

anxiety, depression, and shrinkage

I have always been a GRower, and not a SHower. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. I am against medication for my so-called disorder, and I try to cure it on a daily basis through exercise, yoga, diet, and so on. And so, occasionally I will have good days, that is, days without excessive anxiety and depression, where my dick will experience a full flaccid hang, and I seemingly becoming a SHower. These are also the days that I experience the highest level of libido, calm, and well being. These days are entirely unpredictable and few and far between, but what I am finding is that seems to be a correlation between having a nice flaccid hang and experiencing a day without excess anxiety and depression. Otherwise, on my bad days, my dick and balls are tight and diminished in size and my libido is gone. I have a theory that it may have to do with seratonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Depression and anxiety can result from a lowered level of one or both in the brain. When there are decreased levels of seratonin, for example, the mind feels depressed, and muscle, including the smooth muscle in the penis, has a tendency to become tense, therefore going into small dick mode. When I am in small dick mode, it seems as though I experience certain symptoms of ED, such as low arousal and weak erections. Apparently there are herbal supplements on the market that help to relax the smooth muscle of the penis and increase sex drive. Has anyone had any success with these herbal remedies. Does anyone in the PE world out there have similar problems with anxiety and flaccid hang/ED. Any suggestions?


Stamina RX if you can find it. Pfizer has twisted the arm of the FDA to get it off the market. It is supposed to be back sometime. Works great for erections and libido.



I’m recovering from a five year episode of panic disorder/agoraphobia, so I know what anxiety can do to a penis. But the good news is that any ED you’re experiencing isn’t permanent.

I also stay away from prescription meds because it only masks the symtoms of anxiety while creating symptoms of their own. Besides that, most the meds I’ve taken for anxiety have caused some degree of ED. Also, I’ve taken herbs (boner fuel) to try to counteract the anxiety, but I found that most of these herbs (the good ones) are stimulants and only increase my anxiety. So I just practice relaxation techniques and zen. I try to stay away from simple sugars to prevent “the shakes” and exhaustion. And aerobic exercise relieves the majority of my anxiety. Anxiety is in the mind though, so I think it should be dealt with in the mind.

I’ve read a few books on preventing/curing anxiety, if you want I can e-mail you the titles and where to find them. good luck.

Drinking lots of water should help your flaccid… Also heat like a hot wrap (heated rice sock) may also help, it works for me…


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

I appreciate you all taking the time to give me all of your recommendations and input so far. It is a bitch dealing with chronic anxiety. It takes over the brain making every little situation I deal with a hurdle and every thing seems to wear me out.

Tug: I have tried drinking more than the 64oz daily intake for H20 and it still doesn’t help, believe it or not. Heat packs work as long as they stay down there. When I take ‘em off, its back to the small dick syndrome.

mysticoud: I engage in intense aerobic exercise nearly every day and I still fight symptoms of fatigue. I have definitely benefited from pe, gaining 0.5 in just six months. Since then I have hit a plateau and my anxiety has caused me to take on pe only once in a while as opposed to every day. But during those six months when I was noticing gains, I was feeling less depressed and anxious because I was reaching a short term goal. I have found that accomplishing small tasks are key in depression/anxiety therapy.

I have nothing to be really ashamed about, starting out an average 6 and now 6.5. Women never complain about my size, only my ED. I could take a porn star out for an evening during a “bad day” and not be able to get a healthy erection. I have enough confidence in myself too. That is how fucked up this disorder is.

Anyway, I do not believe in giving up…so keep on gainin’



I have been anxious all my life (GAD), and thought it was normal. It wasn’t until I started having severe panic attacks from chemo treatment for Hep C that it really got out of control. I started taking Klonipin, and and it has been a God send for me. That was 2 years ago, and I now only take .5 mg a day and it works great. If you haven’t tried it, you might get with your Doctor and ask him about trying it. It doesn’t work for depression though.


Has anyone taking Omega # fish oil caplets? I take them to act as an anti-ulcerative agent for my colitis. They do wonders for the heart too and such things nice for general health and PE. They have also been shown to work well in combating depression. I just saw something in a website that it works well in easing down Borderline Persoanlity Disorder too. Look into it, the caps are dirt cheap. Available almost everywhere.

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