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Anti-inflamatory a help

Anti-inflamatory a help

As I read about guys overtraining, I wonder if part of the overworked-dick symptom is inflamation? Bib recorded that he only llightly jelqued between hanging sets, and did not swing his penis. He hung off and on all day. Could it be that he was thus keeping his dick from being overworked. I tend to stretch and pull until things get a bit red. I wonder if there is a balance between doing enough work and not working it to the point of inflamation, which would kick in a big-time healing response.maybe even leading to adhesions which wouldn’t have appeared in a less strenuous routine.

Second, would taking things to control inflamation prevent some of the overworked dick syndrome? Curcumin is one anti-inflamatory herb. Suggestions?


I think a very good oil for the damaged skin after doing too much PE (oh, that enthusiasm.) is the evening primrose oil (portuguese: onagra, french: onagre, german: gemeine Nachtkerze, dutch: gewone teunisbloem, finnish: iltahelokki, spanish: onagra, italian: enotera, latin name: Onagra biennis) . Usually it come in pearls (jelly capsules) or in little bottles you can buy in organic products shops. Just apply the oil with a soft massage and you’ll realize how much your skin recovers.
For inflammation, just stop your exercises for some days and take it easy.;)

I was thinking of the internally hot, puffy sensation I get right before my dick wants to turtle from over-work, not the skin.but the primrose oil sounds like a good one to put in the arsenal—THANKS


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