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Am I really this big


Am I really this big

Okay here it is. When I measure nbp with a raging erection, I come fairly close to 7 like 6.7 mabey. When I bone press, if I do It hard I can mabey hit close to 7.5. Could I say that I am 7.5 honestly because I jsut don’t seem that big when I look at it. When I stand up I get a shorter measurment than when I measure sitting down. Like today after I pump, instead of pushing the ruler back in for bp I put an elastic hair tie around the base kinda likea CR, and just pushed back the fat pad and measured my whole expose penis. I t was still like 7.5. I f I could jsut get this big when I get regular erections nbp, I would be very happy eit my size. Is there any sexual position where you use bp dick. Also is it safe to tell a girl yea i’m 7.5 inches because it jsut doesn’t look that big.

It’s not safe to tell a girl that. BP measurements are good for tracking PE progress. But they are lousy for telling your size to the rest of the world, unless you have a very minimal fat pad.

You would probably want to “gently” press in (as if emulating the pressure that one puts upon their pelvic region during intercouse) and measure that as your “practical” EL. Full BPEL is not a realistic measure for purposes of determining how far you can insert your penis, neither would be no press EL (personal opinion, of course).

LOL, I always tell girls my BP measurement, and they always think I am bigger than that. :D

I always go by BP because depending on the time I have for diet and exercise my fat pad shrinks or expands and therefore the size of my non BP changes

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is it cheating to mesure sitting down, I don’t know I just get a longer measurment sitting down. More of my dick comes out.

Yes that’s cheating :)

I doesn’t really matter. You will always know your self that there’s a difference. I also like measuring sitting down. My cock looks much longer that way but if I’d post a measurement in the forum it would be standing up since that’s the standard as I’ve come to understand. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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At what point are people telling chicks how big their dick is? It probably doesn’t matter to them anyway, if it feels big it feels big, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. It seems like something that would only get you into trouble. Am I wrong?

Well if she needs to use a cell phone to call you while having sex then chances are you are big. (:

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“Am I really this big”


No you are not.
After conferring with the other mods we have deternined that you are actually only 5.5 X 4.25”s


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Hey Iamaru

I’m around 7”x6.5, can you confer with the other mods and see if I’m really that big, too.

Buck Fush

I’m 18x13, can the mods please discuss if my dick is that size too?

Originally Posted by Krowax
I’m 18x13, can the mods please discuss if my dick is that size too?

In your dreams its that big yes

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Sounds like a nightmare to me


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