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Almost There Please Help

Almost There Please Help

Guys I think I am almost to the 7 inch nbp mark. I’m at like the 2nd to last mark on the ruler before you reach 7, if I just barely push the ruler into the pad. It seems like the only time i can get really hard is if i’m about to have sex then it shoots up just layin next to the girl, and won’t go down unless I jack myself off. It’s like i can go all night. I never can seem ta feel much. Mabey the condoms are too thick, or the pussies are too wide. Anyway I was wandering if anyone could give me advice on how ta reach this last little bit to hit 7 full inches nbp. Mabey an intese stretching rouitne. I am currently pumping wit a homemade pump, and clamping. I usually try ta strtch some before I go to bed. Man it would be wonderful to see the dic head hit 7 nbp. If i had a larger head, i’d be there. I might be closer than I think, because like i said the only time I feel really hard is before I get lucky, and I sure ain’t mesuring then.

Guys could I get some feed back please, small dick is really making me depressed, I need your help

Anybody out there

Tell you the truth, I started jsut dabbing in pe 4 years ago, and never measured when I started. Never kept a steady routine. At one point I wandered if it had grown at all, but it jsut doesn’t seem like it was this big before I started. The homemade pumping routine, I amon now for 2 months is the longest I have ever been on a steady routine. I jsut took the last week off from an injury I got from jacking off in the tube. I don’t think I have gotten any gains from this yet. I was jsut wandering if it we’re som type of stretching routine I could strat to get this last little bit to hit the magical 7 for me.

If you haven’t been doing any manual PE at all lately, start with the Newbie Routine and slowly add time and intensity.

Oh, and another piece of advice, use the spell checker. People don’t like answering posts where they have to decipher misspelled words. The more presentable and easier to read your post is, the more people will actually bother to read it and maybe make a reply or two.

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I’m having trouble reading your post and like thunder said it made me go on to something else. If you use the spell check you might get a few more answers. And it pisses people off when you bump your post like that sometimes it may take a day to get an answer. Also when I try to read your post I’m not sure I understand what you want. If I was you I would jelq 5 days a week for about .5 and hour at 70% erection I got very good results from that routine. You also may want to lay off the pump if your having sensitivity issues.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Do you mean wet jelq or dry jelq. I am uncut, and have a low LOT. No I just rubbed a piece of skin off my dick head, while jacking off with the tube.


I jelq wet but I’m cut from what I heard you uncut guys can do it either way. I would wait for the skin to heal though “ouch”

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Yea it’s almost there, almost all healed up, but man did it hurt. Oh and sorry about the hard to read post. Some guy said try jelqing with the thera p, it seemed kinda hard though.

Anymore comments

Yeah, I wish I was as big as you! :) Good luck with your routine.

I’m not big

I resemble that remark :(


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