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After 2 - 3 Months

After 2 - 3 Months

Hi Guys i just started PE and im wondering how far you guys lengthed and increase girth after 2 - 3 months. I think i have a LOT of about 12”oclock thats if i did it right. Also my starting stats are:
Length - 5.5”
Girth - 4.5Tip 5.3Mid
These are exact but close measurements.

What is the best way forward for length, i was thinking about hanging, at the moment i do manual stretchs at different angles for about 5 - 10mins then i jelq wet and dry for about 30mins doing about 200 - 300,
I might even do a few more on the night. Im also doing PC exercise holding for about 10 secs, and doing as many contractions as i can.

Can someone give me advice on my routines and facts.

Thanks You

If your LOT is 12:00, then you can expect some good lig gains. However, I’m reluctant to believe your LOT is 12:00. If you pull your penis out (don’t pull it so hard you have to fight with it to get a tug-back) and kegel, you’ll have a point at which your penis will be pulled into your body and a point at which this tug-back is no longer visible.

If you pull your penis straight up so that it looks like you’re going to piss on your chin and you kegel and you have no visible tug-back, then your LOT very well may be 12:00. If you have a tug-back, slowly lower your penis while continuing to pull it out, and kegel frequently. At that point where you can no longer see the penis being drawn back into your body is your LOT. Straight up is 12:00; straight out is 9:00; straight down is 6:00.

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Oh right im with you, mine about 9 oclock then maybe a little lower, is this bad or good, whats the best way forward to gain length,

That should mean you can gain a fair amount through stretching the ligs. Try stretching at an angle below your LOT and jelqing mostly in a downward direction.

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Sounds like you have a nice routine. Are you just starting out?

As for second month progress, well, I’m not too sure. When I started I didn’t know about the BP measurement, which is great for accuracy (thanks to thunder for that) and I measured NBP. I remember having to push in a bit to get the ruler to say 6”. By the second month I was doing BP measurements so I can’t be sure what the true gains were. By closest estimation I’d say that after 2 months of dedicated PE (5 days on 2 off) I gained 1/4”. Assuming I’ve always had the 1/2” fat pad (skin pad is less offensive, isn’t it?) I have right now. Well let me just chart my progress for you.

Start : (estimated) 6 3/8 BP
Second Month: 6 5/8” BP
Third Month: 7” BP
Fourth Month: 7 1/4” Bp
7Halfway into Fifth Month: 7 3/8” BP

(Right Now I’m almost 7” NBP, what a day!) Wow, looking back it’s crazy. When I last measured I noticed how soft I was when I hit 6”, man that felt good. I can’t believe it was that size before.

My routine consists of Jai Stretching 45+, DLD Blasters 20 or so, Jelqing 300+ and then after a couple of hours, 200 more jelqs and some stretching.

For the first two months I only jelqed 200-400 times a day.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks guys so far, sorry to ask whats Nb And NBP or whatever they wher haha. I really wann try and get far within two months i would be greatfull for any encouragement or whatever ya know.

Like routines or techniques haha, truth is my girlfriends returns Spetember and she dont care about my size but i wanna give her extra ya know.

thanks guys

Hey Riviera,

NBP is Non Bone Pressed and BP is Bone Pressed. They are terms used for measurement. Thunder (and just about everyone else) recommend pressing the ruler to your pubic bone to get a consistant measurement every time. Wth non bone pressed (NBP) you can get different measurements all the time.

Don’t worry, be patient and gains will come. So many times I wanted to stop, but kept on going. And I’m so happy I did. (So is my wife)

"Kids you've tried your best and failed miserably... the lesson is, never try." -Homer Simpson

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