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We have an account with them now. They manage the vBulletin software affiliate program. I have looked at 700 of their clients so far, don’t know how many they have total. About the only interesting one that I came up with was Crucial Technologies, they sell computer memory and I have used them three times before and they seem pretty decent. Might be a possibility. I’ll keep you posted on the others. Anything from Downunder that we might want to look at?

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Hey guys,

I set up an affiliate with also. Their percentages aren’t all that great and anything that is out of print or special order does not generate a commission, but they pay cash instead of store credit and will pay on small balances. I put a couple book links and a logo at the bottom of the page. The book links lead to some pretty interesting stuff. As always, for us to get any kind of commission, you must access through one of the links. The logo leads to the main page and it has a pop-up, sorry Dino. :(

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Well we shit canned because of their poor affiliate support and not answering emails. I also got rid of Safesense, a condom company, same deal, no support and no replies to emails. DOES owe the forum some commissions though and I will stay on their ass to try and get them. It is a shame too, because I liked the way their site was setup and their products. So basically losing them means we also lost any affiliation with GNC, which is regrettable, because I know a lot of guys use and trust GNC products. But it appears that is the only online way to purchase GNC products. We may have been removed from the affiliate list because of site content, but I received no notice of that and the access to the affiliate control panel is still available.

So, I went looking again. With the exception of two affiliates, all of the new ones are run by a third party, which means they are a lot easier to deal with and supply support and current records and reports. So here they are:

Dell Computers/Accessories 1% commission for the forum. Currently offering 10% to customers on anything they sell through the link, which is about everything, until February 18 I think. This link is in the PE Archive at the bottom of Bib’s 19 Month thread. It is also linked to Dell so the add will stay current and may offer more discounts in the future. I placed it there because it will not slow down the forum page loads and in case they actually check where their links are posted, we stand a better chance of it not pissing them off with it being there.

Condomania 15% commission for the forum, this is the the first of the two independent affiliations. Link is at the bottom of the forum, image is on our server so it will not slow down page loads. They have a large selection of condoms, lubes and a link to a sister “adult items” site. Plus they seem to have a good support setup.

InternationalJock 8% commission for the forum, this one is run by LinkShare as is Dell and I am pretty impressed with their setup and support. Like the name says they sell jocks and other mens items with a good selection of “sporting type” equipment. Link is at bottom of forum, again the image is on our server. 10% commission for the forum on everything they sell. Brand name vitamins, supplements, herbs, etc. This one is with Commission Junction, seems pretty good. Link is at bottom of forum, image is on our server.

Crucial Technologies 10% for the forum. Another CJ affiliate. They sell computer memory and digital camera memory. I have done business with them before and they are a good company with a great product. Links in the PE Archive at bottom of some pages, I don’t remember which. These are also automatically updated as far as pricing and sales. !0% discount for online orders. commission varies according to the product purchased. This is the second independent affiliate, but they seem to have their act together. Commissions are low but so are their prices. And they sell just about everything now. I have done business with them in the past and they are a good company. I bought all of my home networking gear from them. Links are in the PE Archive, some update automatically with sale items.

vBulletin software 20% commission handled by Commission Junction.

I think that is all of them. I really would like to see this setup generate enough income to support the forum, because if we have to depend on donations, I have an idea that it will be the same guys donating all the time and that isn’t fair to them at all. Even if you guys don’t plan on buying anything, check some of the sites out every now and then. That way I can check the traffic reports and confirm that they are working and pointing back to the forums like they are supposed to. And to the one or two guys that have actually bothered to read this long ass piece, I thank you. At least a couple of us will have an idea of what is going on around here. :D Now click those dam links so I can confirm I have them setup correctly.

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Condomania is an easy company to deal with and responsive to email. A tip to anyone who signs up for their email program: About every six weeks or so they have a “special” offer - either free shipping or buy-2-get-1-free about which they will email you. Between pumping, jelking, and sex, I use a lot of lubricant and these specials have been good money savers.




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