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I’ve been PEing off and on for about 3 years now. I have gained about 1.5 inches in length and .5 in girth which puts me at 7” BPEL and 5” EG.
I have been getting back into the swing of things the last couple of months and have been doing this light routine pretty regurally:
3-5min warmup in shower (using nozzle to spray hot water)
5min stretching
100 rep jelqing (no lube)
5 days on 2 off

I would like to now pick it up a little bit after doing that for a while and was thinking I would do this:
7-10min warmup in shower
10 min stretching
200 rep jelqing (maybe add lube)
3-5 Uli squeezes at 30sec each
5 days on 2 off

What does everyone think? I would like to try to start gaining girth but I don’t want to overwork myself. Are there any girth excercises that you would all recommend which would be good for where I am right now?

A while back, about 2 decembers ago, I had a very vigerous routine that I was doing and I think I severly over worked myself. I took some time off and everything seems to be doing fine, the only thing is I have this strip of thinner skin running along the bottom of my penis from right under the head to the scrotum. I don’t really know what it is, but I think it may be some kind of stretch mark (which I think may have come from over training). When I go in really cold water (like the ocean) and my penis shrinks down very small there is this strange ridge of skin that appears instead of the textured skin that is uasually there. Once I warm up though that uasually goes away. I am hoping that if I can increase my girth that this skin will stretch out and not clump up so It looks more like the rest of the skin on my penis, which it seems to be doing anyway with the minor jelqing I have been doing the last couple of months.

I think you’re talking about the point where your scrotum fuses together in the womb. We all have that.

See Ya,


You been doing that routine for 3 years and have only just thought about changing it? lol.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

The thing under your penis which you explain is normal in my opinion, I have it too - except mine is red lol. Since your break, how long have you been jelqing recently? No matter how long you PE for - if you take a break then you will need to start slowly again. Keep up with the stretches, maybe try to hit 300 jelq strokes but go slower and concentrate on each movement properly. You can then start to use uli’s, but start off light untill you get used to it. I would leave the horses alone for now, I have never agreed with that exercise anyway though.

Good luck, make sure you warm up plenty.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

I haven’t been doing that routine consistantly for 3 years… I’ve been doing that one for something more like 6 months (damn now that I think about it its been quite a while) but I haven’t been very good about keeping with it until about the last month. Its like I get jazzed about it and do it consistantly for a couple of weeks and then I get bogged down in work or school and lose momentum. Before when I used to PE I took things a little too fast because I got too impatient and I’m worried that might happen again unless I am careful and pace myself so I was wondering how you know if you’ve been overtraining. It seems that the skin around the base of my penis is sore in the mornings after I’ve been PEing but that seems like it should be the case.
Also how tight should my jelq hold be? I think I may have been doing that too tight as well.

As far as I remember the thing under my penis didn’t show up until I had been peing for a while. I think it was after a couple of months of doing normal excercises and I switched to some more intense ones and then it showed up (as far as I can remember, although it may have been there before). I’m not sure if it was there before or if its all in my head, but the skin seems conciderably looser than the rest of the skin of my penis (as well as thinner) and when I am flaccid there is some texture on the strip up towards the head. I have started to moisturize it and that seems to help it act more like the rest of the skin but something still seems off about it. I have posted questions a few times on this board about it but nobody ever seems to have had the same problem.
Thanks for the help so far.

Oh yeah… and that strip isn’t just on the scrotum, but runs from the base of the actual penis (where it’s quite thick) to right under where the head connects.


Congratulations on good solid cumulative gains, and even better on such a relatively conservative and simple routine.

There was a recent thread posted by Wadzilla on his conversations with a huge gainer who only did Natural PE and was swinging a monster after years, and the most significant thing that I took away was that the big gainer generally Jelqed first and Stretched second after warming up. His logic was that by Jelqing first he got his wang tired [apparently he had limited knowledge of PE theory and/ or anatomy] then once the beast was exhausted, then he would stretch it out.

Makes a lot of sense to me- the notion of overcoming the tunica’s tensile strength prior to stretching sounds sound. Mind you, apparently this guy was into marathon session twice daily at times, so… . Regardless, I have flipped my Stretching with my Jelqing and my weiner is actually aching to the touch in a good way.

Just a thought or two.

Continued luck wrestling with the dragon,


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