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Advance Australia Fair.....


I yamma ozzie too.

and proud!!!

(not particularly about the being australian part…)

Im not australian, but I have always wanted to go there. I really like wilderness, and I know theres a hell of a lot of it there. Also hear the people are real laid back. I have a coulple friends who went and say it is real crazy. One went to northern queensland to a family friends ranch (how they knew each other I have no clue) and the other was on the west coast by Ningaloo reef. Both made it sound like the best place on earth. Im very jealous of you all.


an ozzie

coopers pale ale for me thanks

Can you send me a case? I’m not kidding!

Chronically Thirsty,


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Every Aussies favourite pick-up line

“It’s not a beer belly, it’s a fuel tank for a love machine”

Sorry skeptdick but the Lions are going to romp it in again. And being a Melbournian that hurts!


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