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golf weights progress

i have been using the golf weights coupled with wrist weights (golf weight used to keep the wrist weights in place) for about 3 months now, M-F, during work. i have noticed wonderful changes in flaccid stretch length as well as ebp length (net gain about .5 in). i use about 2 lbs in my routine. so insofar as my experience is concerned, one does not need heavy weights to gain, i.e., one can substitute increased time to achieve the same results.

Awesome, was thinking of trying this sometime, how exactly do you attach that stuff to the jimmy?

Question for bigflip?

Hi bigflip,

please can you post your routine.

Originally posted by Orgazmo
Awesome, was thinking of trying this sometime, how exactly do you attach that stuff to the jimmy?

I just bought the weights an hour ago and have found this seems to work.

I have a length of latex tubing from Lowes.
It goes around the glans, then over the end of the tubing, and up between the weights and penis. It looks like this will work fine. Maybe I’ll try jumping to see how secure it is.. Jumping caused one of the rings to fall off, but I think it will hold if I don’t jump too much. :D This probably isn’t the “solution”, but might lead to one.

“progress” report:

I wore the 4 rings using the latex tubing as described above to hold them in place while shopping today. That’s about 5 hours of walking around. It seemed to work ok, but I did find time to release the glans every hour or so. One of the things I bought today was a latex swimcap, which I’ve now destroyed to make a, seemingly improved, attachment method. I also picked up 2 more weight rings.

I’m going to wear this for a couple of weeks and see if there’s anything going on.


This has been answered in part on this thread but I’d appreciate a second opinion. How loose is the clothing you are wearing? Also how much do these weights show in public?

It would be nice to see some opinions on perceived gains from this method.

My clothing will have to be fairly baggy to accomodate this. Yesterday I was wearing sweats that are baggy, but I guess if someone was concentrating on that area, they might have seen that something was going on. Today I’m wearing khakis that are loose, and four of the weights. I might reduce the number of weights if I feel that it’s showing too much.

It is a pretty cool feeling when it’s dangling.

Scared my self pretty badly today

I went to four of these this afternoon. I superglued them together and put them on my penis after wrapping. It was difficult to get the little fellow to come out the other end because it was really hard to get a grip on him. I felt some pinching as I brought the glans through, but thought I had freed it. It felt pretty good, but I didn’t have an opportunity to check on the setup for several hours as I was out in public. When I got home and went to check, the head was very, very dark, but wasn’t cold at all. It just looked really bad. I took the weights off as quickly as possible and realized the head had been getting too much pressure from the outer ring. After taking off the wrap, I immediately began a heated rice-sock wrap. Normal color returned even before I put the sock around my penis, but a ridge had developed on the head. I think I’m going to go down to three rings in order to ensure the head doesn’t get pinched again.

Any suggestions or like experiences out there?



What I’ve found to be best is putting the rings on, then wrapping lbehind the glans. I used a strip of latex(swimcap mentioned above), and a strip of cloth. I wrapped the latex around two times, then the cloth, then continued with the latex over the cloth. The wrap was not tight at all, but the latex gripped the weights and the skin really well.

I still use the two cloth covered wedges on either side of the penis which keeps the 3 weights behind glans. It also puts all the weight on the sides of the penis with top/bottom unobstructed for circulation. Am using a fairly dense kitchen sponge from which i cut the wedges. I go everywhere without fear of the weights dropping. It is easiest to install the rig after a jelq/squeeze session while the cock is semi-hard. If installing soft just make a wrap or two with light cloth behind glans and pull cock thru weights. Am now long enough to add a 4th weight and still be behind glans. Hope this helps.

series of golf weights

I would suggest that you not superglue the rings together.That has the makings for a trip to the emergency room for a ” doc—it was a 1 in a million fall on the putting green”

it’s better to put them on 1 at a time, duct tape them, and then remove the column for next time. That way if the head gets too big for some reason, you have a chance of getting them off 1 at a time using lube, and gasp, cold,cold water.

i concur with the need to keep the blood path open.


you mentioned lube.. I forgot that I almost have to put a little lotion on my shaft before, so I can get them on.

weight wrap

Here’s the technique I’m noodling with to keep the golf swing weights on: I use the sticky kind of Ace Bandage. I first wrap the strip of bandage once or twice around the base of my penis, but not so tight that it restricts blood flow. Then I stack the weights on my penis — i’m using four so far. Then I wrap the bandage around the weights a few times to hold them together.

Once I’ve wrapped to the top of the stack I stretch my penis out and wrap the bandage around the shaft — below my circumcision scar if i can stretch that far. Again, that can’t be too tight either; it may take a try or two to wrap it so it doesn’t pinch.

The remainder of the bandage goes around the weights again to make the whole unit more secure.

I find it’s easiest to do this while lying back on a couch or bed so you have gravity working for you.

I think the advantage of starting the wrapping from the base of the penis is the weights are suspended from that point, rather than weighing down on the head of my penis for hours at a time.

Also, you can pee with the weights on if you pull them up towards your body as you whiz, so your urethra isn’t stretched too much. Otherwise, you’ll be dribbling pee for the next several minutes, which will probably draw some unwanted attention to that new bulge in your pants.

I use wrist sweat band and a cable clamp to hold my weights on


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