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Addicted to Clamping


I agree. If you are getting smaller instead of bigger. Something is wrong. I retract my previous statement of, “Do It.”

A break is in order.

Taking a break. My wiener better grow back…

it’s gonna grow back isnt’ it? O.o

Ok, so I just measured by penis at full erection and it is back to its top shape, which is the measurement on my sig. I just nearly sighed myself into passing out, I’d like to thank all the supportive PMs and concerned fellows, I hope you never do this to yourselves. It is not often you get to see what happens before, during , and after an incident of utter disregard for one’s safety.

I have changed my routine to one 7 minute clamp after each jelqing session, to be increased by one minute after every two weeks until 10, then up for reconsideration.

Take care fellas! I will try my best to go rehab off clamps…. clamped ejaculations, and ultra engorged clamped erections, and all the goodies that come with the magical orange plastic holy grail of penis enlargement.

Vagabond I think you maybe need some Sparkys advice, I am following the PI thing and it’s been very helpful to me!!

When I start to clamp I think I will do some homemade clamps to me!


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