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A stupid question

A stupid question

I know that it is stupid but Does masturbating affects gains and if not why it has been said that you sholdn 2hours before and after PE?


No, it doesn’t.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

A lot is said about PE around the internet, and most of it’s bullshit.
There’s no “time limit” regarding this, and sure as hell no scientific research. Most guys don’t masturbate right before PE because of the temporary changes in the penis, which can affect the workout. There were times however when I kept getting too damn hard from wet jelqs, so I’d jerk it, wait 10-15 minutes then resume my workout. And there are times I do it right after a workout, if it’s not too tired.

It doesn’t matter.

Asked, and answered on these pages Ump-teen times in many threads. Do a little more of your own homework.

Are you intentionally trying to upset westla?? Read the sig line under any of his posts.



I usually balloon then jelq, sometimes I jerk off after jelqing, sometimes I just jerk off, sometimes I’m just a jerk! And if you must know jerking off didn’t affect my gains.

Kingpole. “Jerk off don’t be a Jerk.”

Even in - Spanish. :head:

We should track this and see how long we can go before someone asked this question. I think it’s been about a week since I’ve seen this question. Does anybody know the record?

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It may not effect gains but by not getting yourself off while PE’ing you can teach yourself more self control and have more lasting power. I like to keep my masturbation separate from PE’ing

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So do I most of the time, because I get tired. But once in awhile if I am sufficiently stimulated I do one right after the other. I balloon first then Jelq, does anyone have a take on that.


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