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A question for the "natural biggies"

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Originally Posted by bogtrotter
Are there any guys on thundersplace who started out with 8 inches and managed to reach 10”+?

There are a couple who are damn close, Titleist started at around 8” and is now something like 9.5, and one of our ex members saiyan22 started at about 8” as well and came damn close to 10” before he got banned. Who knows maybe he is 10+ now

Starting stats 11/2009: NBPEL=6.25" BPEL=6.75" MSEG=5.0" Current: NBPEL=7.125" BPEL=7.75 MSEG 5.5" BEG 6.0"

Btw, I came across this video of a 9X8 being measured, does this look legit to you guys? (WARNING!!! If you have size anxiety don’t look:


Starting: 6 7/8 EL X 4.8 EG (estimated since I didn't measure)

Current: 8.25 EL X 5.4 EG

Goal: 8.5 X 6.25

I’ve been told with all my sexual partners, wife included that I’m big. I believe them, but like the mass of body that make up my arms and my chest. I want my penis to be strong and the best I can push it to be. That is why I want to start PE. I just hope I see some results.

I would like to say that as of right now I measure in at around 7.5 bpel and 5.0 mseg. I have never had any feeling as though I were big even though some sexual partners said I was. Even before any PE. This is all how you look at it. I want to be big compared to my 6’4” 200 lb frame.

1 678910

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