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A Question for Hangers and Manual Stretchers


Thanks goingfor8at…

I appreciate the response.

Just curious though, how would you do upward angle hanging? Do you hold the weight with your hand?

(I obviously have to do my homework in this area).

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When I first started - about a year ago - I performed high intensity, low duration, stretches, using infrared light to warm things up. I did this for the first two months of PE and experienced no gains whatsover. But, after a 9 month break, I came accross the same Hobby thread and decided to give low intensity stretches a try. This time, after just a few weeks, I noticed a pretty significant change - my first ever gains.

I can’t trace my gains back to the stretches alone, as I also lost some weight(and thereby fatpad) and took a supplement called “Greens+”(which I believe helped circulation) during the same period. But I do think that the low intensity stretches contributed in some way. Unfortunately, I stopped Peing again out of boredom, and so can’t verify my suspicion.

Also, I didn’t use heat, in my period of gains. I can’t stand using it.

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