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Originally posted by SS4Jelq

No, no, no, NO!! You are letting a girl who you are not seeing and have not slept with help you make decisions in your life which should be your prerogative. Unless you are married and intend to spend your whole life with one person, you are the only one that should decide.

You are putting her first before she has done anything to deserve it, if you go into a relationship with that attitude she is going to walk all over you. If you want to be 8x6.5, do it, yes take into account the fact that some girls wont be able to take it, but make it your choice.

Good Luck

Touche my friend, touche. Good advice.

Originally posted by m7point0
Might I add that while we were together those few times, (all she did was oral, and she sucked at it!)

I know what oral is thank you!!

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Originally posted by awwwshucks
I know what oral is thank you!!

HA… Ha… ha…. I knew someone would take the hook, line, and sinker on that one. ;)
I was going to change the wording to something other than ‘sucked at it’ but what FUN would that be?


If I might, I would like to give you a tiny bit of advice. You are obviously in school right now and you are about to embark upon your lifetime of sexual adventure. I am excited for you. When I was your age, my penis was 5.5 inches bone pressed by 4.5 inches of girth. When I had sex ( and I had a good bit of it with numerous female partners), I never had a problem. Almost all of the girls were tight and I never had one complaint. In fact, I had a roommate who had an 8 inch non-bone pressed. I witnessed several of his sexual encounters and heard the girls cry out in pain as he shoved the big one in their tight vaginas. I had sex with one of them later on who told me that she liked my smaller dick way better than his large one.

As the years rolled by, the situation began to change. I had a lot of partners up to age 28 and my size was acceptable for many of them, but for some it was slightly too small. When I married my wife, everything was great until our third child was born. After that, her vagina was wider and deeper and it never changed back. It got to the point that I couldn’t feel very much when we had intercourse. Also, on occasion, I would work her over with a large dildo and she would moan and arch her back and writhe with pleasure. It was then that I began to understand that size was a factor. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Thunder’s place that I began to have some hope of having a larger dick. Now keep in mind that, in my mid-forties, I had much less time and privacy for doing PE. This is something that you should consider because it is a real factor. You may have less and less time for PE as the years go by. Nevertheless, I commited myself to an aggressive PE regimen (sometimes as much as 5 hours a day). I have gained steadily and am now at 8 inches non-bone pressed and almost 9 inches bone-pressed. My girth is now 6 inches. I am going for 9 inches non-bone pressed as my final goal. My wife knows about my PE. It has made a dramatic difference in our sex life. Without my current size, the sex would be unsatisfying for both of us. The point of this diatribe is that you may want to consider reaching your goals now because, you age, the women will become deeper and looser. Also, as mentioned earlier, you may not have as much time. Think about it. If you get to 8+ and take your time to get your partners wet and ready, all should be fine. Good luck.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Thanks, that is some good advice. 9 Inches non bone pressed? Damn now that is just an impressive goal. Sounds like with the way you’re making gains it won’t be a problem at all! Isn’t PEing amazing?

This is actually my 3rd go at it. I started 3 years ago at about 5.7ish by 4.8ish. In 3-4 months I pretty much got to what I’m at now. After that, the gains stopped. (My intensity level decreased and I got a roomie.)

Then I started up again about a year ago, but I only did it for about 4 weeks with 0 gains. Again, intensity was a factor.

THIS time around I’m going on my 3rd week now and the intensity has been great. I think a lot of people that aren’t gaining simply have to take it up one notch in intensity. I don’t mean this as an insult to their routine, I’m simply saying you’d be surprised what your cock can take. JUST DON’T LET IT GET PAINFUL.

Okay, sorry for that tangent. Like you said Jelktoid, free time a huge factor. I’m actually about to start working full time which will suck away much of that. At the same time however, I will be living alone… so I can’t wait for that! This time I’m doing PE for at least until my one year lease is up! I’m very excited and thank you all for easing my concerns.

Pictures soon

My new avatar is me when I started, me now, and my goal. All meticulously to scale I might add. :)

My Goal is 8 x 6.5… until I get there perhaps.

I tell my best friend (a girl) about my PE routine whenever we see each other. All the innuendos when we hang out are funny- such as me doing an “A stretch” to a swimming pool noodle- she was laughing so hard since we both knew what it meant but no one else did.

She even says the same thing that no girl will be able to handle my goal size but I don’t care. I PE because I am obsessed with it… if I don’t do an exercise; each day I miss out I feel that my dick has shrunk half an inch.

Just PE for yourself!

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