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8 It Not Enough


How come you’re saying the same thing that you said a year ago?

“Just reached my goal 8 bp x looks small,going for 9x6.5in.”

Also, it’s jelqing, not jerking, jerking tends to be more fun :D . I usually wouldn’t think twice of a spelling mistake, but for someone who has been PEing for 3 years, I’d have thought you’d know the proper name for it.

2 bottles of red wine after you PE sessions? Don’t do what some people do and start 2 sessions a day…

Originally Posted by tinytim

Well, after 2 bottles of wine I doubt he even knows what he is typing.

A fair point.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:


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