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Originally Posted by UpnComingStud
Thanks all, M-Audio cool! I just cant seem get a good stretch being uncut, I feel like I’m grabbing the head. I know this will hinder my gains:( . I have read all the posts on stretching and uncut but I haven’t found anything that can work with me, kinda wish it was chopped off lol. Any tips Okish6er, I know your uncut.

Try to place some material around your glans(and a bit below glans) and stretch it. I often use towel..I wrap part of it around my glans and it allows me to stretch better….I am uncut.

As to your goal UpnComingStud - Good Luck!

I will allow myself to do the same and put my official goal at 7” too.

Use baby powder or toilet paper. The grip is very important - you should grab below the head.

Good luck!! But I think actually,that`s 6” girth is too big.Think about your partner ;)

6” girth is not to big at all. My girth is right at 5.5” at the base, and getting the same at mid shaft fast. I actually think if you know what your doing with it than 6” girth is perfect for your average woman. I know when I stick my cock into my woman it “fills her up” but she would get even more stimulated if It was a little thinker. 7” girth is where the pain would start to get unbearable for most woman. IMHO.

Current: BPEL - 7.438" EG - 5.375 (base EG - 5.688") FL - 4.250" FG - 4.438" [19.150 ci]

Future Goal: 8" x 6" (2 red bull cans stacked on top of each other)

"Give them nothing, but take from them everything."

I don’t think 6” girth is that big either, I’d love to get to 6.5” like drilla, but starting at 4.8, I doubt that lol. Seems like it is much harder being uncut to gain in girth or length.

Good luck, it definitely can be done because I started off at about the same you did( but my girth was 4.5) and I am now at 7” length and 5.4” girth.

Starting Stats: NBPEL: 5.5 BPEL: 6.0 NBPFL: 3.1 BPFL: 4.0

August 10 2008: Nbpel: 8.2 BPEL: 8.3 NBPFL: 6.3 BPFL: 6.5

FINALLY EIGHT INCHES!! Short Term Goal: 8.5 inches,Long Term Goal: 9.5 inches,Final Goal: 10 inches

So griping the Glans is bad for gains? I thought it just caused busing on the glans and that was why it’s not recommended.

BigDog you got gains fast as hell!

I am uncut too, try pull the skin off and grab only the head! If this not work, this use baby powder, and if you have a 6” girth you may have problem with both anal and oral sex, oral sex because your girl will get jaw-ache, and anal sex because it’s very very tight.


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