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6 month mark & 1st post

6 month mark & 1st post

This is my first post after 6 months of PE and lurking. I started out at 6.5” BPEL (5.75” NBPEL) and 4.75” EG. I have been doing PE 30-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week, with the weekends off. My routine consists generally of 5-10 minutes warmup, 15-25 minutes manual stretches, with an emphasis on V-stretches, and 15-30 minutes jelqs and squeezes. I’ve also just started hanging with a Bib Starter (2 X 20 minutes sets, hanging about 3/4s of the way to BTC with 5 or 7.5 lbs) in place of the manual stretches.

I measured for the first time yesterday and have made a 1/4” gain in EL and 1/8” in EG. I have noticed gains (I didn’t measure) in flaccid size and erection quality has definitely improved. It’s a little disappointing that I haven’t had more size gains but I will persist. I’ve read others who have worked twice as hard for little or no gain so I consider myself fortunate to have gained something. My goal is to gain another inch in erect length and another ½ to 1 inch in girth

I have a tough lig on the top of Tally just to the left (looking down) of the center line that visibly runs about 2/3rds of the way to the head (is this a standard lig that most folks have?) that I feel I will really have to stretch out to start getting the length I’d like. This lig also gives Tally a little bit of a leftward lean (like my politics, I suppose). Though I’m still tinkering with its settings as well as periodic twisting, I’m finding the hanger very helpful (special thanks to Bib for its sturdy design and reasonable price) and I feel a very good lig stretch unlike what I was able to provide manually. I also have been using the theraband wrap on its own to do ulis – is this the “wrap thing” I’ve seen referred in old post with Dance? I get huge expansion with this but I’m cautious about not overdoing it.

I have also done a few sets of DLD Blasters. They feel like they will work and I will be trying to work them into my routine. Part of my problem is that work, family, privacy, sleep issues make difficult to commit more than an hour a day to PE.

I’ve learned quite a bit along the way and have found this forum and its posters to provide very helpful info and a real public service. It’s a bit odd talking about one’s Tally at such length, but I’ll get used to it soon enough.


You know - I remember how odd it was to talk about your penis in the beginning. Quite embarrassing really. But now it does seem so natural, it’s great that you don’t have to feel ashamed to talk about these things over here. And that includes: erections, masturbation, sex and of course PE.

Regarding your girth - maybe you should consider pumping. It does take more time and has it’s privacy problems. But I’ve found it to be very effective for girth gains when combined with the usual jelq and squeeze routine.

Welcome to the forum! I feel all gains are a wonderful. The fact that we make gains renews our dedication and belief in PE’ing and helps push us to the next level. I am glad the Blasters are doing you right. I cannot wait to try them with a bib.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple



1/4 inch in six months congrats.

I promise this will be the last time I quote 2in2002 for now
“listen to your dick”

Thanks, fellows for the encouragement. PE looks to be a long hard slog, interspersed with moments of accomplishment and frustration. But so are most of the rewarding things in life.

You are absolutley right. And having friends with you along the way is helpfull. People you can learn from, people you can help sometimes, people you can share with.

And this is what this place is all about.

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