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4" and 8"


Yeah, I bet cutting off a good 30 pounds WOULD make my dick appear an inch longer npb.
But if I lost 30 pounds, I’d look like a thin little weasel, cause I’m definitely not overweight/chubby. Don’t have a pot belly either cause I never was heavy on drinking. The most I would allow myself to lose is 10 pounds, and that’s pushing it. If I wanted to gain in length this manner, I wouldn’t be doing any PE in the first place, and would be looking for an insane diet plan.

Then again, are you saying that if I lost 60 pounds (essentially making me anorexic), that my dick would appear a full 2 inches longer NPBEL? While that’s definitely not something I’d sacrifice, it’s handy to know..(if it is, indeed, true of course).

At any rate, I’m still wondering though about the coorelation of gains made in BPEL to gains made in NBPEL

I love my gut, I love eating…solution: make my cock 1” longer :D

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loosing too much weight

I did mention that the rule of thumb works only to when you get down to your ideal weight.

I remember someone in the bone press vs non-bone press dialogue mentioning that he worked out, so that the two measurements were about the same.

Somewhat related; when i do lose 10 pounds or so, i have to be careful when i sit on the jon so i don’t get the end wet—
but it’s not because i’m longer (as measured up from the floor),but because,i think, i’ve lost fat on my ass.

in short, fat changes can even keep your pecker (not your nose) dry.


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