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Your wife's or girlfriend's reactions


Originally Posted by Muscular_Beaver
I think that if you are with a partner, and they are not ” into ” your dick, then you are with the wrong person.

Move on, find someone who digs your dick and accepts who you are and what you are into !

I am going to cut and paste an email I got from the woman I have been seeing for about five years now .

“I can’t wait for my cock appetizer. I’m having
Cock visions this morning:) I love all the
Variations. I love it when your cock and balls are
Incredibly huge and overfill my mouth and pussy.
And the cocks rings that separate each part of the
Package so I can sample one treat at a time:) And
The taste of your cum, a new phenomenon for me to
Enjoy. I think it must be because of how well you
Eat and take care of yourself that your cum is yummy.
Is it 7 yet?
Suck you later! Be well!”

The appetizer reference is because she always brings me Chinese or Thai take out food that we eat after screwing each others brains out .

And yes, I appreciate what I have, thank you God .


I have been getting that extra look, but nothing like this.

You are one lucky guy to have a woman who loves your dick like that. Maybe PE will get more of our women to crave our dicks like you have found in your girl.

My gf grabs my dick.. 1000 times a day.but to tease me she always says.. Wow your dick is just so cute.. So small cootchie cootchie.. I swear.. She always does that :P.. When I don’t pay attention to it.. She will say I’m just kidding, you’re big. If I don’t do that and just say like.. Well it’s not small!. She will respond with.. Yes it is, all the guys I’ve seen are bigger.. She is really!. You gotta have skin to hold it out with her.. She likes to play on peoples insecurities and makes them worse! She also does that too my friends, but they kind of stood up for each other and made her realise that it is not funny.. Not for anyone. She still does it to me though -_-‘

Start Mar-16-2009 BPEL 7.2" (18,3 cm) EG midshaft 5.12" (13,0 cm)

Current Jan-14-2010 BPEL 7.56" (19,2 cm) EG midshaft 5.28" (13,4 cm)

Long term Goal NBPEL 8.5" (21,59 cm) EG midshaft 6.30" (16,0 cm)

Wouldn’t mind the grabbing all day, but could do without the comments. She is probably just kidding in a edgy way.

If she keeps grabbing, just keep up the fucking. Has she had any comments during sex or anything?
I think the one of the best comments will be when they don’t even have to say anything, they just keep coming back for the fuck and the enjoyment.

Don’t be too proud. It is ok for them to want us sometimes just for our dick that night.


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