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"Yoga for your penis"

"Yoga for your penis"

Here’s a guy’s vlog about PE. I didn’t see any place asking for my credit card number so I think he’s real. It was interesting for me to hear his story. Some of what he said has been debated here but I really respect the fact that he’s got the balls to show his face when talking about PE.

I really liked reading the comments on yutube. I hope the world stays in denial about it.
“What a load of absolute rubbish!”
“this guy is bullshitting…if you want to damage ur penis then go for it “

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" 'Cute'?! Like its got a smiley face on the end of it! I dont want a cute dick. I want a big scary dick! One that comes out growling, RAAAR!!!! A dick with teeth, RAR RAR RAR!!!! What happened? My dick bit me look at that!" - Rodney Carrington -

My computer won’t let me watch his vlog without fritzing out. What are the three things he does? I got jelqing, but I’m not sure of the other three.

1. Jelqing.

2. Shaking while partially erect after a warm down (50-75% hard and shake it, all to get blood flowing to the glans).

3. Like a kegel stretch (pull out from glans while doing a 10 second kegel).

He sounds like a nice dude, but I’ll stick with what I’ve learned here.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t see anything radically different in that .

I really liked that. This guy presented the ideas very, very well. The demonstration was cool, as well.

I really enjoyed his talk at the end, about being almost too big. Can’t bigger guys just stop an inch or so short? I guess one of the benefits of being average (well used to be anyway :) ) is that you can sheath your sword all the way to the hilt, which feels pretty darn good, if you ask me.

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