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Would you consider this?

Would you consider this?

I know that the vast majority of members here detest or at the very least discourage surgical enhancement of the penis, stating sufficient gains can be made through good old fashioned PE. But I have to admit upon viewing this that I am rather intrigued at the prospect. Like this person, I too have made adequate length gains but struggle to gain girth, and weighing the assumed time frame it would take (on the order of years) through manual PE this looks rather promising. Would you consider it?


Start: BPEL=16cm EG=13cm

Now: BPEL=18.2cm (approx. 7.2in) EG=13.1cm NBPFL= 13.4cm

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Then you see this and you say fuck that:


Start: BPEL=16cm EG=13cm

Now: BPEL=18.2cm (approx. 7.2in) EG=13.1cm NBPFL= 13.4cm

Heroes: plein_lee, brain drain, rammln, neophyte, titleist (check these threads for proof)

No thanks, I share your fustration on the girth gains, but I don’t trust any of those procedures.

Hey, I don’t want to be rude, but… you are about 5.25” EG how the hell can you think to undergo such a thing?

Have you tried ULIs and uli squeezes? I don’t mean full erection clamping but extreme ulis.

No. Even If I had the money, but I want to work to get gains. In the end, you’re more happier that you’ve worked for something rather than just get it.

If I had a big dick got from surgery, my brains tells me that I’ve cheated.

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But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

I actually think his dick looked better before the surgery. What I can’t believe is that his bone pressed flaccid stretch length is only a quarter inch more than mine. His dick looks so much longer.

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PE > Surgery all the way. If I can do it naturally why I should give money for risky surgery.

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I like to earn my gains as well but I won’t deny the truth that I become especially intrigued by new surgical methods when I see outcomes such as this one. Think about it: spending countless hours over a good five years can achieve gains in girth but nothing is certain. If you enjoy PE and consider it a hobby then this isn’t an issue but with a busy life it is really hard to keep consistent. This outcome, in my opinion, looks really nice and if it were proven to be safer than it really is I would honestly consider it.

But like most things in life it is probably too good to be true. I’ve heard of countless horror stories with PMMA injections pertaining to tissue death (necrosis) due to injections in arteries and embolisms if a vein is punctured. While these horrors are most certainly avoided with a proper technique and an experienced surgeon and have never been reported in a case concerning the penis it is not a risk I would take. Not to mention the less serious but more common possibility of a granuloma which if left untreated will lead to serious complications. And lastly I don’t consider a dermatologist a true surgeon and would never let one inject me with any material. I’m sure dermatologists are well versed in medicine but I just can’t accept they are trained to the level of a specialized surgeon who should be doing this sort of thing. So to conclude, the curious and uninformed side of me would consider this but being logical by nature I know this is too good to be true and will probably be shown to be ineffective over the long run, like all other past surgical PE options.

The possible complications and people who’ve attempted this is further discussed here (don’t know if I can link another forum):


Start: BPEL=16cm EG=13cm

Now: BPEL=18.2cm (approx. 7.2in) EG=13.1cm NBPFL= 13.4cm

Heroes: plein_lee, brain drain, rammln, neophyte, titleist (check these threads for proof)

Well Only My hand, Or the one who will ride it, Will Only touch my penis, No injection no pills , Fuck No , In this life You learn to trust 2 Persons, First is yourself Second is Nobody. And you want to think that The one who will make the operation Love you and want to make the best thing for you , The Only one who doesn’t wish you To be always healthy are Dr’s, They eat from your Sickness, But the one who pray every day that nothing will happen to you, No not your parents It’s your insurance company ;) It’s just my personal opinion.

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I wouldn’t consider it. Even if I had practiced PE for 10 years and not gained a micrometer, I would learn to be an expert “cunning linguist”, lol.

I personally wouldn’t recommend this to anyone of average or above average girth, since after all, long-term implications of the use of this product in the penis are not well understood. That being said, I believe there is a segment of the penis population that is adversely affected by a genuinely small size, and I believe that these individuals are legitimate candidates for considering this type of procedure (or phalloplasty in general). What do I mean by this? Well for example I found my pre-op size of 3.5” MSEG to be prohibitive of sex and considered medical intervention justifiable, especially considering where I stand as far as girth percentiles are concerned.

Sizemic is a pioneer and essentially “took one for the team…” I would not necessarily recommend guys of comparable pre-op size to pursue the same path. Sizemic’s reporting (as well as many others at the PB Forum) will be crucial in determining the efficacy & success of this method in the long-run. It could take many years of committed reporting before anything conclusive is drawn.

And in fairness, not to draw fire, but PE exercising possesses its own fair share of risks without guarantee of gain. Albeit not as risky as surgery, but risky nonetheless. When pursuing size, we must put ALL things into perspective. :)

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