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Why won't it let me post a new thread

Why won't it let me post a new thread

I am trying to post a thread with some questions. It is rather long. Why will it not let me post it?

It seems to go through the spell check and just stop after submitting.

How long? There is a word limit.

Do you actually hit “Submit Reply” on the spell check page?

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Lol it’s very long. Yes I hit submit new thread =) Maybe it is too long. I’ll check the words now = 1,961 words.

If you’re trying to post in a forum that is not the Newbie Forum you have to be a member for a minimum of 14 days and have made 20 posts (in any forum). New guys can only post in the Newbie Forum until then.

You can go ahead and post it here and put a line up front asking a moderator to move it to the forum you’d like it to be in.

I knew someone would say that, and I forgot to add in that I am trying to post the thread in the Newbie section, I understand the policy. It simply just won’t allow it or something.


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