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Originally Posted by 10inchadvantage

DLD, and yes he does have a legit pic, the one with the metal ruler.

I’m tempted to comment…but I’m gonna let it go.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it."

Formerly known as Gandolf

Originally Posted by sunshinekid
Nor was Bib ever going to post pics. He didn’t want to compromise his privacy. He got those gains using that hanger miami.

I know Bib and his lovely wife.

Have you seen it yourself?

Liquid c :gulp:

No Manhattan I haven’t seen Bib’s dick. Nor do I want to. His and his wife’s word is enough for me, I come from a generation where honesty was a virtue most people had.

P.S. Thanks 8 Ball.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I thank you too.

Liquid c :gulp:


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