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Which one would you rather be

Which one would you rather be

Let’s say PE never existed (ridiculous I know) which penis would you rather have?

8NBP and 5.2EG or 6inches NBP and 6inches EG. Keep in mind that these are roughly the same volume based on the idea that the penis is a perfect cylinder.

Honestly I would pick 8NBP and 5.2 EG. Maybe it’s because I have girth, but I’ve always wanted a long penis.

So, 8X5.2 or 6X6?

8 x 5.2 anyday! LOL

Started: 6.75" BPEL, 8" (20 cm) BPFSL (1/2015) x 5" (12.5 cm) EG; Current (7/2017): 8" (20 cm) BPEL, 8.2" (20.5 cm) BPFSL x 5.8" (14.5 cm) EG; Gains (7/2017): 1.25" (3.125 cm) EL, 0.2" (0.5 cm) BPFSL x 0.8" (2 cm) EG

Short-term goal: 8.25 (20.625 cm) BPEL, 8.3" (20.75 cm) BPFSL x 6" (15 cm) EG; Long-term goal: 9" (22.5 cm) BPEL x 6" EG

Xtended's Progress Report

Is this a serious question :/\

The volumes are pretty much equal. Yes this is a serious question.

2 inches of length definitely looks more impressive than .8 inches of girth. I’ll take the length!


6 X 5(Jun 2002) ----> 8 7/8 X 6 (OCt 2009) -----> 9.75 X 6.0 (Goal)

'I think you will find that the one thing all big gainers have in common is tenacity.' ~Bib

8 x 5.2 :)

Length bro.

8 x 5.2 for the better proportion, hence better look.

Start Jan08 7.20 X 5.35 BP ----> NOW 9.75 X 6.50 BP

8.75NP 6.8BaseEG. The Krod Pics thread

6x6 any day.

Girth for me.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Definitely length.


Bpel=7,Nbpel=6.5, eg=5, fl=4.25, fg=3.75

Am I strange?. I think both would be to big for me.. Ild take a happy middle ground and say 7x5.4 which would be around the same volume.

You’re not alone sixinchman. 8” inches would be too long and not allow me to go balls deep/limit positions. 6” girth would rule out anal and blow jobs would be difficult.

I think a NBP 7” X 5.4” would be best.


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