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Which ADS option

Which ADS option

Hey guys, I’m a little over 2 months in my pe journey, started at 5.25 bpel and now around 5.75 bpel, flirting with 6”, anyways I was planning on buying an ADS in september and decided on the esl40, I see there is a leg strap option obviously for targeting the ligaments but also a chest strap option targeting the tunica I’m guessing, my question is, which option should I choose? Should I choose one that targets the ligs all day or the tunica, I’m hoping to be able to wear this thing for 8-10 hours a day for the next year

I have used the esl40 ads for a couple months now and love it. For the longest time I used to attach my ADS to a knee brace but saw little or no gains. Now I stretch it around the waist with a plastic doughnut around the base and have been seeing steady gains. I have seen a few other systems that use this idea but cant find any pictures at he moment. I have tried the neck attachment ones but they are just too uncomfortable for me. I would say try all your options and don’t get set on any particular way. 99% of PE is finding out what works for you.

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