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Where to start Girth over size

Where to start Girth over size

Hi all,

I’ve been reading alot for the last couple hours but now I’m a bit overloaded with information :) I want to start doing PE to increase both girth and lenght, if possible I’d like to focus on girth and maybe get some extra length along the way..

Could any of you experts tell me where to start and if needed what to buy etc.?



Start with a newbie routine and after 4-6 months your penis will be conditioned enough for you decide.

I support TheGreatDivider’s tip.

+ There is No need to buy anything beside a lube for beginning, when you are experienced you can check out some devices, but don’t rush ahead overtraining or going for harder tequniques and damage your precious bro! Keep it slow, keep it safe and keep it growing =]

Yeah, people get gains from newbie routine but it is true that the very important thing is to condition your penis. After 7 or so years of PE, I’m pretty much at the point where I can hit mine with a hammer and it’ll be OK. But newbies are on the other end of the spectrum, where if they do a little something their penis can suffer immensely.


Thanks guys.

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