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When using a pump. and best pump

When using a pump. and best pump

How much does it initially increase your size length and girth wise.I’d imagine it depends on the person but if you would just leave your results here

I’ve never used one, I don’t own one

What would be a good “Safe” pump to get.when I look at websites they’re all supposedly the best and all testimonials are always positive, so that’s not much help

Good questions, if you don’t mind I’ll add some of my own too, since I’ve been thinking about pumps aswell.

What if you use the pump right before jelqing? Would it increase the effectiveness of the jelq?

Also, what if you use it before clamping? Would THAT help anything?

Starting Stats 12-3-2005: BPEL 6.75" EG 5.25" Updated Stats 1-3-2005: BPEL 7.00" EG 5.25" GOAL: 8 x 6

- Try this.

Initially you could look for a 1/4 to 1/2 inch increase in both length and girth.

The “safest” pumps to get are those with a gauge, so you know exactly what you are doing. I think a great pump to get is the deluxe model from lapdist:…tegory_Code=all

If you decide to buy, let us know your erect size and we can help with cylinder size selection.

The most effective pump routines are those that combine pumping and jelqing, usually several alternating cycles of each. See avocet8’s pumping 101 thread in the Pumpers Forum.

I like to put on a cock ring after pumping and do an erect massage. That would be similar to clamping, but I use an elastic cock ring as opposed to a hard clamp.

Remember to start slow and take it easy. You can never go too slow, but it is easy to go too fast.

It looks like it’d make some noise? How loud are they?

Originally Posted by Sharpee
It looks like it’d make some noise? How loud are they?

What are you looking at? Hand pumps like the lapdist pump don’t make any noise. Electric pumps on the other hand can be quite noisy.

I was looking at the Deluxe Package (Psi Pump, DVD & Cylinder)

Originally Posted by Sharpee
I was looking at the Deluxe Package (Psi Pump, DVD & Cylinder)

The only noise factor would be how loud you turn up the DVD. :)

Originally Posted by Xorgfoo
- Try this.

It says I don’t have permission to view that

Says I don’t have permission either.

Routine = Jelq and stretch

For those who use the Deluxe model from Lapdist, how times do you usually have to pump to get to 3-5 inches HG pressure?

I ask because for some reason when I’m pumping the gage doesn’t work even though I’m creating a vacuum. Even stranger is, when I pumping without the cylinder and just my thumb plugging the tube, the gage works fine. And even when I do use the cylinder and cover the open end with my stomach or my hand, the gage sort of works but slowly goes back to zero, even though the vacuum remains. The only time it doesn’t work at all is when I’m actually pumping myself.


Sounds to me like the connection to the tube might be loose. Try tightening it (it screws in).


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