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What's this called???

What's this called???

Before I post any more on this forum, I want to make sure I am calling a spade a spade.

I have read the tutorials over and over and I “THINK” I know a lot of the exercise names. Please forgive me of my ignorance but I want to be sure I know what a certain excercise is called………………….

I grab my wang in an OK position, palm and little finger facing towards the head, just as if getting ready to jelq. I squeeze pretty hard on the old donker with my thumb and index finger. After squeezing the blood up the shaft, I close my middle, ring and pinky fingers around the shaft and while still squeezing with the OK grip, I squeeze the rest of the unit. The head enlarges greatly. At first I could not squeeze too hard in fear that the end would popp! Nowadays I can squeeze pretty good and the head swells and swells. It also popps out the end of my hand at least 1/2” longer with each squeeze. I do five squeezes and then hold for ten seconds on the 5th squeeze. I then do this with the other hand. I do 5 reps of this. In other words, 5 in each hand.

Are these called ULIs??? I have been calling them this on my posts after reading the original ULI posts but there still is some doubt in my mind as to their name and origin.

Once again, I am sorry for my ignorance. I have searched all the Tutorials and I “think” that’s what I have decided………..

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


BTW, I know it does not match up to the video but it seems to match up to the old ULI posts……….

Thanks again all,


Any takers???

Sounds like a variation of the Uli. Not sure what you’re doing with the ring finger and pinky there, but it’s the same basic exercise I believe.



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