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Whats the Minimum Jelq time

Whats the Minimum Jelq time

Ive been jelqing for 3 weeks mon-fri 20mins a day and no gains except better EQ and newbie stuff my answer is if i cant do it for 20 mins one day whats the Min time i should . i do take Sat and Sunday off. is there a certain time that i will lose progress if i dont continue. i know after 4 days of not working out people start to lose muscle

You be the judge , use your pis as your guide , if you do less one day and all of your pis stay positive chances are that less time spent still helped.

whats PIS

physical indicators , look for positive ones , more erections , better EQ , temp gains , anything positive.

Personally I would shoot for like 80 jelq strokes or 10 minutes for a routine. You could probably get away with less but that is a good minimum in my opinion.

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i agree , it doesn’t take much at all , i stay with 100 slow jelqs. You can only work it out so much each session before your playing with yourself or you injure yourself. i don’t even do stretching sets , i just hold it in each direction until i feel all of the tension leave the pull.

Linear Newbie Routine

If You are newbie, Newbie or Linear Newbie routine is for you. Don’t break the door which is open.

Also watch your PI’s, as others said.

First 2-6 months isn’t the best time for experimenting, I tried it and never got any “newbie gains”.

Maybe there is other explanation for this, but Newbie Routine works for most of us during first year.


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