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What to do next

What to do next

So what is the natural progression in terms of routine once you have done your 8 weeks basic training on the Newbie circuit?

More jelqs?

When do you add Ulis, fowfers, horse 440s etc?

As someone who started PE as a New Year’s Resolution I will soon be at the 8 week stage.

My advice: never add Horse 440’s. I thought after a couple of years of this that I was ready. Result was serious discoloration that took a couple years to fade.

When you finish your eight week stint, measure and see where you are. If you feel conditioned, add to this part of the routine or that one. Experiment with modified Uli’s and see how that goes.



Thanks for the heads up on the 440’s. I was reading another thread about people quitting and getting bored and I wondered if it was due to loss of direction post 8 weeks. There’s lots of posts saying start with the newbie routine, but some similar pointers about what to do after 2 to 3 months would be gratefully received.

Clamping or pumping can be a change and help with girth.


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