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What routine works best for erect length

What routine works best for erect length

Ok guys, I’m pretty new to this forum but I’m posting this to get a general idea on what works best for erect lenth. I’ve read tons of these forums however I can’t seem to find one that singles out just erect length. For this thread post a response to the following:

-What is your daily routine for erect length? Include the time spent on this routine.
-How long have you been doing this routine?
-What are your average monthly gains?

I will post my current routine and gains when I have a little bit more time. I want to use this thread to help compare everyones routines and make the best possible workout. Thanks guys!

First of all, if you are a newbie it would be ill-advised for you to anything other than the Newbie Routine. Beyond that, people get a lot of length gains from hanging and All-Day Stretchers. Start off slow, do your research, and make sure you pay attention to your body for any signals that might indicate potential injuries.


I’m not a newb to pe, just to this website. I’ve been doing pe for a little over a year.

I’d recommend buying an All-Day Stretcher. The science is totally sound, and they aren’t very uncomfortable. If you wear one for 6+ hours per day your penis is going to get longer and probably thicker.


I’m no vet or expert by any means, but I think it depends on your penis and how much PE you did. Maybe the vets can be more helpful.

I gained 2 cm from simple stretching over the last year (did six weeks of PE 3 years ago, didn’t measure anything but I think I gained 0.5 cm back then, stopped and began again 1 year ago roughly). I wanted to get length first and then girth, so my routine was warmup, 20 min simple and V stretches and warm down. This gave me initially better erections, the a sudden jump in length which slowed down to a halt. I think I stretched the ligs more than the tunica, as it feels different when I stretch now (more rigid). Gains stopped about 2 months ago, so I started doing Ulis 6 weeks ago (I don’t think I’m ready for clamping). Just my 2 cents :D

The magic stick :/D

Started: 17x12.5cm (~6.7x4.9 in) EQ:8 :jelq: Now: 19.5x13.2cm (~7.6x5.2 in) EQ:10 Goal: 20,5x14cm (~8.0x5.5 in) EQ:10

I wear an autoxleeve with a 2lb during the day now, I’m truly not new to PE. I can’t post anything anywhere else besides the newbie section =/

That’s not a problem, Rw, this thread will be moved in the appropriate section if and when it will be clear what the appropriate section could be. :)

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