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What percent do you think have 7"

What percent do you think have 7"

What percentage of adult guys from 18-45 do you believe are 7+ inches, 7.5, and 8 inches? My guess would be 20% 7+, 8% 7.5+, 1-3% 8+.

There are tons of statistics on this. Just look them up. There’s no reason to have a threat to debate how many men you “believe” have 7”.

Have a look at this:

Size and Percentiles

Starting measurements (August 2009): BPEL: 7.625in EG:6.25in BPFSL: 7.5in flaccid BP length:4in

"Peak" measurements (Oct. 2012): BPEL: 8in EG: 6.625in BPFSL: 8.375 in flaccid BP length: 6in

Current measurements (Nov. 2017): BPEL: 8in EG: 5.75in BPFSL: 8.25in flaccid BP length: 6in

Penis Size: The True Average they have charts and graphs.

Looks like BTBassist did the same thing I did; a quick search looking for the all encompassing threads on the topic already in the forums. And then settling for a lite version. anyone have some better links?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

According to BTBassist post I recalled wrong (don’t check much this stuff in 6 years): 7” BPEL is about percentile 91 and 5.5” EG is about 85. Mean is 5.877” (14,9 cm) BPEL and is 4.972” (12,6 cm) EG (conversion to centimeters to link to Spanish forum). I believe those Mean values could be even smaller in particular for length.

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