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What do you eat and what do you do for cementing gains?

What do you eat and what do you do for cementing gains?

I’d like to ask you all here (I’m a new poster; hi all!) what you eat to cement gains?

Also, is there anything you do specifically to cement your gains? What I’m trying is this:

After jelqing, I eat a lot of protein, like fish and peanuts, and then, after digesting a bit, I go into the sauna and work up an erection in there. The sauna increases blood flow (and sauna boners are GREAT!) and I figure if I’ve got protein in my bloodstream, it’ll end up in my dick if I’ve jelqed recently.

I’ve only started; I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Do any of you do anything like this? Are there certain proteins that are better than others?

What you are doing is already good to my opinion. But someone told me something once about after work outs (for gyms and body building). Instead of only taking a hot shower…switch the shower to cold, allow your body to become regulated to the cold…and then switch back to hot, and repeate. It expands and contracts your muscles :) I think thats good right?

I eat tuna daily, is healthy and has lots of protein. I like nuts too, so I get the protein from food not from supplements. Also I eat a lots of fruits, especially pineapple. success!

There are some people who swear by wearing cock rings or Velcro wrist wraps after a session to keep the penis engorged for hours. Just be sure to maintain circulation and take it off once an hour or so to ensure your pecker is getting adequate oxygen. I would also add broccoli, kale, and other vegetables to your diet. 1 lb cooked and 1 lb raw veggies a day.

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I honestly don’t eat too healthy but my diet is heavy in protein, but one thing I make sure is to stay really hydrated. I usually drink about a gallon and a half of water everyday. It keeps my flaccid in an engorged and heavy state.

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I will skip the nutrition part and will give you my peace of advice: set up your goal and when you reach it (it rarely happens and only to those, who are dedicated) push a little bit further to get additional e.g 0.2” in length and 0.1” in girth. When you are ready with that, make 3-4 months very light newbie routine (or something similar) and focus on jelqing and circulation. Afterwards I think you will be ready with the cementing, but you can always check every six months what is the case.


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