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What are the most important things to buy to maximize gains


Originally Posted by onenekkidguy
My PE toolkit for you to spend money on would be:

1) Albolene is my personal favorite lube ($12 at CVS), but you might check this thread out: what is the best lube for PE
2) Rice sock - buy one at the pharmacy, Walmart, etc. Or make your own for about $2 with rice, in a sock. I use this: Cock sock but you don’t have to make it that complicated.
3) Time and Patience. (Free actually)

If someone finds the lube, just tell them you heard it is good for dry skin. If someone finds the rice sock, tell them it’s for a sore muscle. Some members store stuff in their gym bag which doesn’t need to be hidden and most things are dual use anyway.

Read, read, read the posts on this forum. Spend the rest of the week searching, following threads, etc. So you get all the knowledge you can. Good luck and stay safe.

Thank you and everyone else in the thread for the help. I think I’m pretty much set now all I need to make sure to do is gain knowledge like you said and become dedicated. One last thing, alternative ways of heating the rice sock besides the microwave? I’m going to have trouble doing that more often than not.

Microwave is pretty much the only way to heat a rice sock without actually cooking the rice. If that’s not possible, there are other things people swear by including dipping your penis in a cup of hot(ish) tap water. IR lamps are popular too but I don’t like them much myself (really personal preference there).

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regards, mgus

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