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What a waste


Originally Posted by memento
Ok, let’s approach it from a different perspective, Tom. Why do you think the Blakoe Ring works better than placebo?

Red herring: no placebos exist.

Umpteen years later, the Blakoe Ring still spews promises.

I hacked it. So did (more elegant, but damn!) hobby, with the 2-cent ball zinger.

My only claim has been that if this thing works, you can do it cheaper on your own. And I have shown you how, for the last decade at least.

You could create a placebo by not using zinc and copper but rather by using inert materials. It’s not a red herring to say do you think it works because your mind think it works?

Umpteen years later you can still buy elastic bands that claim to help with motion sickness.

Great that there are cheaper alternatives for people but why not come out and say that it’s snake oil, like hobby, rather than helping promote it? It doesn’t lessen the cheaper alternatives, it simply shows people what you think.

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What is a ball zinger for a newbie please?

After 48 hours? Perhaps you need to wear it for a longer period of time. I just created my own using some silicone wire management straps (99 cent store), a piece of 1”x3/4” copper piping and aluminum ferrule stopper (home depot). There was an article floating around with a list of other metals to use aside from zinc. Anyways, I would suggest that you wear your ring for more than just the time you posted and pay close attention to any PI’s, let’s say, for the next 30 days. I will post the link or the actual post as soon a I can find it.

Originally Posted by Tom Hubbard
In any event, the discussion of the Ball Zinger has never been about Penis Enlargement, so your reference to it as such is gratuitous and irrelevant.

Tom, I respect you as a PE innovator, but you didn’t keep up with a lot of what went on in the PE world years ago. You were absent here when some were busy making wild claims and promoting zingers as essentially the best thing ever for PE (for only $49.99 plus s/h). The ball zinger has played a role in the PE world, particularly to the moderators of this forum who had to deal with the onslaught of that marketing.

Someone found your older Blakoe hack plans and decided to market your take on it, with a bunch of hype added. The whole reason I came up with the penny zinger was to help shut off the sleezy salesmen: make one for yourself for practically nothing.

To date, and to the best of my knowledge, nobody has bothered to compare cock rings providing identical constriction with and without a combination of metals turning one’s scrotum into a battery (actually, the proper term for what we are dealing with is cell).

So, yes, the zinger or whatever you want to call it has for some time been about penis enlargement. Hucksters dragged it into the scene.


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