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*Laughs* you should talk to one of my female friends and tell her

Originally Posted by Kyromoto
*Laughs* you should talk to one of my female friends and tell her

Is she the type that if you were to peek into her pussy there would be a sign that says “This Space For Rent” :D

"Some of the guys do have monster weenies, but most of them are around 6-7 inches. It's more important to have a reliable dick than a big one, as proven by Randy West. I personally hate big dicks, and I won't work with anyone 8 or more inches if I can help it. Most of the girls in our business agree, when shooting a long sex scene or more than one scene in a day, smaller is definitely better! You can reach my G-spot just fine with your finger, so anything else is redundant!"-Asia Carrera

As the others have said.. 6” is average and nothing is wrong with being average.

You are probably going to impress her more if you are relaxed, take your time, *know* where her clitoris is and how to property stimulate it, if you are going oral on her a lot you probably want to have a smooth shave or a long beard but not sandpaper-like bristle, don’t treat her nipples like radio knobs or her breasts like handles (tho it’s fun once in a while for *you* and you have to take care of yourself too). Then look into the “G” spot — don’t worry about it too much right away but it is real and it can make a lady’s orgasms different but still an orgasm. Then there are the various nice spots like behind the ear (but no wet willies), the hollow of the ankles, for some on the inside of the wrists.

I think growing your personal parts is more about your self-confidence than her satisfaction. Most sensation in the lady is in the first 2” and some can get annoyed if you hit bottom (which is easy to do with even 6.25” from the wrong angles too soon).

Ooo I gotcha man.. But JHTheman no she isn’t that type at all, sorry

Originally Posted by Kyromoto
Ok I am sorry I did’nt know that stuff was mandatory here. But thanks for being supportive.. I really did’nt expect this from guys. Also earlier some 1 said “id rock her world with 6 inches” well I am still a virgin do to choice up until now.. So actually I think id look REALLY stupid my first few times. I’m scared because she wants to and I don’t know what I’m going to be doing. I’m afraid to bust in like 1 minute :(

Hey man

Chill.. here is some advise.
Jerk off before you go see her, that will give you some leeway in the blow your load to soon dept. Wear a thick condom.
Second I’m an advocate of foreplay.
Take your time, warm her up with kissing, touching, fingering then hit her with some oral sex.
By the time you put it in she’ll be begging for it.

If you blow to soon just tell her you guess your not in sex shape then laugh, she will laugh then you say but in time I will be.

There you have it a great plan with a back up plan.

WOW. Thanks man. That sounds like a good plan. Now I just wait until that time comes.


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