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Weed vs. Ethanol - EQ


Actually, for most of people I know the boost in EQ and feeling doesn’t happen while smoked - in that time frame it tends to go down, if anything - but several hours later.

Friend of mine who is a daily smoker says it just makes him go to sleep - not even interested in sex.

Personally makes me randy as hell. I think the EQ boost is primarily psychological. She also rarely squirts, but when high it’s fountain time. :)

Weed or alcohol…… Why would you take anything that makes you forget your troubles before you Pe? I can understand maybe once a week to no real ill effect but there’s got to be a time limit, like with the alcohol rule for bodybuilding, where you want to wait to before even attempting PE. I don’t know about weed because I never smoked, but waiting 2-3hrs after one or two drinks is not a bad rule of thumb, and then not everyday. Even though weed relaxes you and that can help with EQ, the effects it have on testosterone with high levels of long term use just make it one of those things you want to watch out for when having troubles with PE.

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Originally Posted by djrobins

The only EQ increase you get while hi can be due to the total relaxation. Sometimes allows the cock to engorge further. However the smoke inhaled will hurt your blood circulation. You can learn how to relax and when to focus without being high on a drug. It’s a high in itself. However I know what your talking about, having great sex on weed, it was something about it, that let me microfocus on some details that was real stimulating…

Who said smoke?? I get high all the time but haven’t smoked in years.

Originally Posted by MushroomHook
Who said smoke?? I get high all the time but haven’t smoked in years.

Vape/cook FTW.


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