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weak erectiom and sore penis

weak erectiom and sore penis

Hi, for the last while (at least 4-5 months) my penis has been really sore when ever I masturbate. Not only that but my erection quality is only at about 80-85% every time I mastubate. Im not quite sure what the problem is and why my penis is so sore because I only masturbate every 2nd or every 3rd day so my penis has plenty of time to recover. I’m only 20 right now so this is a big concern for me and I don’t want to get back into pe until penis stops hurting from occasional masturbation. I also noticed my penis is hard even when flaccid now. Not sure if that’s a concern as well.

Started: summer 2011

I would speak with an urologist.

Do you think I could try to just stop masturbating for a bit and see if my erection improves and the hard flaccid goes away? I feel like the hard flaccid is on and off comes and goes sorta thing.

Started: summer 2011

Hard to make guesses, but at your age I think most of people would masturbate 2 times with none of the sympotms you are telling. Hard flaccid is generally a problem related to pelvic floor, things like biking could cause the problem. ‘Hurting penis’ means that you feel pain often?

Hmm if thats the case about the pelvic floor and the biking then I might know the problem. I go to school and I’m always sitting down. The problem is that whenever I sit down in my jeans I find it extremely uncomfortable and I’m always having to adjust my jeans up and down or my testicles because of how awkward it would feel. Do you think the jeans are affecting my pelvic floor and causing this problem? As for the hurting, my penis has always been really sensitive. For example back in the day if I masturbated 2 times in one day it would be sore for a day or so. As for the hurting now it occurs after masturbation I’d say more after consecutive days like if I masturbated 2 days in a row it would just be sore, as if I masturbating too hard or something. I also use lubriderm when masturbating I don’t known if that makes difference.

Started: summer 2011

Lubriderm can cause dermatitis, but it isn’t what you are describing.

Give a look at this link

see if you can see something that fits your situation.

I have some testicular pain but I got that checked out a while back when I was concerned. The doc checked them and said they’re fine. I have a feeling its a mix of thing like sitting in my jeans, sleeping on my erection ( I sleep on my stomach), and maybe not enough exercise? I don’t know of those things can lead to something like this though

Started: summer 2011

No slepping on your stomach neither not enough exercise. I think you should speak with a physician because it’s near impossible to guess what your problem is on an internet forum. I’m not a doctor either and even if I was I wouldn’t make diagnose without seeing you face to face. It could be everything and nothing, you could just have beaten up yourself too much with different kind of psycho-physical stress or you could have vitamin D deficiency or, literally, whatever. Don’t be shy, speak with a doc and keep us informed.

Yes = Dr.

I think I’ll wait at least a day or two. Its weird like right now I checked and my penis isn’t hard flaccid. Starting to wonder whether its cause I was cold this morning haha. But yea I think the doctors thinks I’m paranoid or something because I’ve gone twice to get my testicles checked because they were hurting and they said it was nothing. Thanks for replying to me btw

Started: summer 2011

Anxiety can have some very real physical effects. I’m not among those who think that anxiety has always to be fixed with chemicals or ‘therapy’, but knowing that it is anxiety the cause of a given problem is helpful per se.

Doctors are not judgemental, they see any kind of weird people and things, so don’t worry about what they could think. And what do you care, anyway?


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