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Warming Penis


Thanks for the link. He’s a bigger man than me. I sure wouldn’t have shoved a thermometer up my pee-hole :)

Just a fun fact. Testicle skin is way more sensitive then pekker skin. For a while I was using a big cup, hot water, and submerging my whole package into the water… it was hot but I could take it….. Then a few days later I noticed dragon scales on my nut…. turns out I had burned a big patch of skin. it peeled off and was a good lesson learned. haha.

I still use hot water.

The Kegel Nazi's Triumphant come back to PE. Re-Starting at BPEL: 7" and MSEG: 6"

I believe I read somewhere that in certain parts of the world, it was used as a means of birth control, soaking one’s testicles daily in hot water. The elevated temperature was supposed to kill all the sperm.


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