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Warm up really needed

Warm up really needed

I had this question today.

I read almost any post RB has made here (damn this guy is really good in explaining plus funny plus had good gains and keeps spirit up) and I read somewhere that he used to do stretches where he works every time he got a chance (or at least that’s what I understood of what he wrote) and I thought, cool, that’s good to do when I am home.

I usually spend enough hours reading and I was wondering , stretching without warming up first, every time I get a chance, can have negative effects. If not, can it produce something positive?

I must say that I am new, I ‘ve been stretching/jelqing/doing kegels for a week now. I tried some stretching without warming and it was pretty strong but since I cannot actually see ligaments (as I could see some red spots or at least some more indications of injury on the shaft) I don’t want to get injured or risk it. And since I got time I could give more to PE, so I had to ask.

Always, always warm up. Use a large enough towel to retain heat for several minutes. The heat should be high, but not to a point of causing discomfort. Warm up longer than most guys recommend.. Ten minutes minimum. That means that you should warm up your towel 2 or 3 times - again, don’t scald yourself, but heat the entire area thoroughly. And between the various exercises for your full session: heat, stretching, heat, jelqing, bends, Ulis, heat, etc. This will help to protect against spotting and even bleeding from the urethra when too much force is mistakenly applied. Careful! Don’t be too impatient.

Yes, I guess warming is for the best, but that guy RB, I don’t think he warmed up every time he did a break from work to stretch..

How would you comment that ?

In my opinion you don’t have to warm up if you are just going to give it a couple of quick stretches when you use the facilities. If you are going to do a full blown exercise regime, then yes, warm ups are vital.

But, if you go pee and give it a stretch you don’t necessarily need to warm up. It depends on what you are doing and the time involved.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I don’t think RB warmed up at all, he just eased into his jelqing.

I think it’s an essential part of PE but you might as well drop it if you’re going to to a half assed job.

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I was referring to something more than a couple stretches after peeing, she below.


I was not talking about something half done.

I find it reasonable to stick to a good routine including warming up (newbie routine in my case, since I am just in the beginning), but that I can do only 1 time in a day. Beyond this, I find 3-4 minutes free time when I am reading and I think about giving some stretches. It will take a lot longer to warm up (it’s not the warming up period it’s the mess it will create which doubles the time) just for some stretches. In this case, is it considered bad to stretch without warming up ? Can it be considered harmful, something that won’t help and might as well avoid it ?

That’s really the question.

If you are going to be doing more than a quick stretch after peeing, then yes a warm up is advisable. In order for the tissue to reach its plastic stage (or reshaping if you will) heat is necessary. If you want to read and stretch, get a heating pad, or a rice sock. If you are just stretching after peeing you don’t need that. But I get the impression that you aren’t just giving the ole johnson a quick stretch in the john.

Stretching without warming up (at least the penis) isn’t harmful, but you would see better results with the heat.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Okay thanks.

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