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Warm up discovery

Warm up discovery


I just started PEing two weeks ago and already I love it. And although I am brand new, I’ve found something that may be interesting or worthwhile. For my warm up, I started by wetting a rag under hot water and then wrapping it around me. But it got cold in like thirty seconds. So I’d have to re-wet it and re-wet it and re-wet it. And I had to stand next to the sink the whole time. It felt like doing dishes.

Then one day last week I saw my old heating pad in my closet, and I thought: why can’t I wrap THAT around me. And so I took the fabric cover off and tried it. And it worked wonders. You can just lie in bed with it wrapped completely around you while blood flows to your penis. Also, it is great for masturbating. Put a little olive oil or whatever around your dog, then slide the pad up and down simulates a real vagina better than my hand or the dozen other concoctions I’ve thought of, by far.

Just thought I’d share the little I’ve learned so far.

Beginning stats:

5.5” length
5” girth


6.5” length
5.25” girth

Welcome to Thunder’s Place and thanks for becoming a posting member.

There are lots of ways to warm up. Thanks for sharing yours. :wave:

Howdi napswish, nice to see a creative soul around.

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I think your pad will last longer if you clean off the oil and put the cloth cover back on.

I do my entire workout with a heat pad wrapped around my vacuum cylinder while I pump.

what type of heating pad is it - what did you used to use it for?

just interested :D

Gained 1 inch length finally! the first big step in my PE time :D

Now: Erect Girth 5.00" - BP Erect Length 6.00"

Start: Erect Girth 4.90" - BP Erect Length 5.00" ---- Thats an increased volume of 2.384 cubic inches!!!

Welcome Napswish! I use a Tupperware container of hot water to keep rewarming my towel. I like the sound of your heating pad though.

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