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Wanna run this by some veterans...

Wanna run this by some veterans...

Heya Guys,

Well this is my first post to the board after quite a lot of lurking.

I am 24 years old and am currently 15cm (6in.) EBPL and 11cm (4.5in.) in girth around my shaft. Goals: 20cm (8in.) EBPL and 15cm (6in.) in girth.

I’d like to propose the following plan, to see if the veterans recommend it or not. I’d love as much feedback as possible:

Warmup: 5-10 mins warm rice sack around my dick
Stretch: 5 mins (unsure what stretching at this stage)
Wet Jelq: 150 times (3 seconds each) at 60% erection
Wet Uli: 150 times (5 seconds each) at 60% erection
Stretch: 5 mins
Warmdown: 5-10 mins warm rice sack around my dick.

Per day: 300 x 1 sec kegel, 200 x 5 sec kegel.

Repeat this 5-6 times per week.

Do people think this plan is too conservative, or too punishing, or just right?? What modifications should I make? Are my goals obtainable without hanging?

Thanks for your help


Welcome wannabeseven!

Sounds like a good routine but I’d be careful about doing uli’s just yet. These are more of an advanced girth exersize and if your not used to PE you can injure yourself very easily. Besides, it might be best to concentrate on length first because that will probably be easier to gain if you have less girth. My advice is to go for girth later when you’re happy with your length.
As long as you’re sensible, dedicated and persevere there is every chance that you will achieve your goals. :)
Take it nice’n’easy to start with and keep us posted!
lil1 :littleguy

PS…..Shouldn’t you be wannabeeight? :leftie:

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Good advice, Lil.

I’d like to add that that we often forget in the midst of PE workouts to concentrate on the feeling of what’s happening. A “workout” should be a workout, but very often we get caught up in the turn-on of those sensations forgetting that a little pain can lead to days or weeks of having to lay off PE and a delay in results we could be enjoying.

Flesh, unused in PE ways, is very sensitive. Work up slowly, reading your body along the process. If you don’t now feel what’s stretching, learn by degrees to sense that. PE is not supposed to be torture; it ought to be fun, and gradual.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but newbies, post your starting stats at Size’s Data site. Unless they are very even numbers, you’ll forget along the way what you were, to compare that with what you become. And we all may learn new stuff from your posted info.





I may not be in as much of a position to give advice as some of these other guys, but I’ve been at it about two months and have gotten enough advice. As a still-newbie, I can assure you that what Lil is saying is completely true. Uli’s hurt. I just now put them into my routine after a few months, and I only do 10, every other day. They can cause problems if done wrong.

You’ve got a pretty good routine otherwise. I’ve never heard of using a rice sack for a warm-up, but heck, I don’t have them just lying around the house. As long as it gets the muscles loose. Just stick with warm-up’s, stretches and jelq’s for a month or so. It will get results eventually, heck, I got 1/8 of an inch in a manth and a half.

Persistence and knowledge are the keys. Read the starting guide under the FAQ if you haven’t already. Can’t remember who wrote it, but it’s a damn good reference, and you’ll learn everything there.

Good luck



I’ve seen the rice sock posted here quite a bit, also wash cloth, shower, etc. Since I’m lazy, I’ve found the easiest and quickest way for a warm up is to stick your dick in a glass of warm water I think tom had recommended it) - i giggle the glass around for some added “effect.” I’ve been doing this at home with a metal measuring cup. But as I write this, I’m at a hotel in New Orleans, so this morning I used a clear glass for the first time. Whoaaa - talk about PE, made me look like i’d grown quadruple in size, but alas, when the penis came out of the glass, it was back to reality. And, if you have the glass totally up to your pubic mound (I do not put my balls in thre glass) the water won’t drip out.



Sounds Ok… the rice sock works fine, but I have noticed with my last couple of sessions that moist heat works alot better for me. Try a couple of workouts and with the rice sock and then try with moist heat to see which one allow you to get more engorged. Lil’ has a point about going for length first because it’s easier to stretch something that is thin as opposed to something thick. I have gained close to 2 inches in length in about 6 months, but my girth is definately one of the lowest on the board (I’m working on that) and I think (although I can’t confirmed) that this is based on the previous mentioned principle. I would just throw out the Uli for now… give yourself a couple of months to get used to PE…I’m just getting the hang of what works for my penis after six months so you may hurt yourself…also, I’ve gained quickly and Lil2big1 has gained tremendously with hanging… I wished I would have started hanging right away. If you can hang, do so…It’s not a bad as it may seem. Also, don’t overwork yourself, take your time. Build on your reps and intensity as time goes by.

Going Deep

Going deep—awsome gains! How long do you hang? Thanks for all of the help


you can check my routine and progress here:goingdeep’s quest for growth

I have been hanging 3 twenty minute sets about 4-5 days aweek…but for the next 6 months (the second half of my first year) I’m going to do an am, pm workout with a total of 2 hours hangtime a day…by the way, my hang weight ranges from 10-19 pounds, all depends of my fatigue level, quality of wrap, etc…

I’m hoping that hanging and stretching multiple times a day, with the addition of wearing an all day stretcher (enlarger strap) with stretch my penis beyond it’s normal level and keep it stretched to heal in the enlarged stretched state. I have been tryin this the last 4 days. Although my erect looks the same, my flaccid has grown considerably. I know I do for some good gains soon… last month I had a big gain (3/8 inch) and it seemed like it happened over night after some long days of hanging. I rested and then next time I had a good boner I almost had a heart attack when I looked down and saw my penis as I knew it was longer. It stayed for the next few days and when I measured on the first of last month, I had gone from 7 1/8 to 7 1/2… hope that helps… you should check of lil2big1’s post about his routines and progress from hanging… there’s alot of info and great motivation

lil1, phoward and avocet are right on. I would like to add to what they have said.

As lil said, it is easier to gain at length than it is to gain in girth, and length gain will come more easily if you get them before girth gains. If you have at least a couple of hours of free, private time, I would greatly recommend hanging, and if you follow the advice of the experts in our hanging forum, I think you will see gains. This is more time consuming and perhaps a little bit slower in producing gains, but I don’t think you can beat it for long-term length gains. Also, with a good hanger you can hang while sitting in a chair in front of your computer, or at our desk working, and have both hands free.

I don’t think you can make 1.5” in girth with hanging alone, though. If hanging is not your bag, the routine you posted above is pretty good for both dimensions, though I would advise against doing Uli’s for a while. Wait until you have a month or two of jelqing under your belt so you’ll know how much is too much and you’ll know what doesn’t feel right.

About the erection strength, 60% is good to start out with, and probably will work fine for length gains. As you start gaining, maybe increase the amount of erection, because you’ll need more than 60% for the kind of girth gains you’re looking for. But you don’t need to do that for a while yet.

Good luck!


Thanks Goingdeep

Thanks for sharing your routine. I also own a power jelqer but was not impressed by its uses, however, I notice that you use it first in your routine followed by manual jelqing I would manual jelq first and when my hands were exhausted I would switch—I will give it another shot with your routine. My goals are modest—I want to be in the 7” (EL) club and will need 1” to get there. I have gained 1” flaced and 1/2” girth since I started jelqing 2 months ago. Erect lenght, however, has elluded me-0 gains -your routine seems make sense I’ll try it.

Thanks everybody for your responses. Thankyou very much.

This board, in my opinion, is magnificent. I feel so fortunate that I have the internet and have stumbled upon this site, else I would live with a 6inch dick forever. Not that it’s a real problem - I don’t have self esteem issues - it’s just that I (like perhaps alot of you) simply think bigger is better. I also feel fortunate that I have stumbed upon this site at age 24 not age 64, but at the same time, I wish I was 16 again!!!

Lil1, I have taken your advice and am not doing uli’s. Although I think the main problem with my dick is the lack of girth, I will concentrate on length for the time being. And yes, you’re correct, I should be wannabeeight. Thing is, seven inches was enough for me when I registered, but I read everyone’s routines and improvements and quickly realised I can potentially gain more than 1 inch. So .. shoot for 2 inches!

I am fortunate that I have told my defacto about my ‘routine’. She didn’t see the need at first, until I compared it with her beauty routine. Now she enjoys watching me jelq and stretch and so forth. I have shown her Tom’s AFB3 website, and we intend on building one for me. I first was very hesitant about the idea of hanging (to me it sounded desperate and dangerous) but after reading everyone’s comments I now see it can/should be safe and the results can be incredible. I wish wish wish I could get my hands on a Bib Hanger. No worries though.

Goingdeep - I have tried the moist heat but, for me, it requires too much effort and not enough reward when compared to the simplicity of the rice sock. I may try the moist heat again, but I don’t know, perhaps it’s not for me.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks or so. I can feel minor results. I did a naughty thing and measured my dick. Minor improvements. I just have to keep my head down and not think about results.

So yeah, that’s all I wanted to say :)

As soon as I get my first inch I’m going to deposit a small amount into Thunder’s account, because this site is invaluable.

Take it easy,


PS Any Aussie’s have a spare Bib Hanger - I’ll buy it off you!


I’ve used the rice sock too… I still have mine and it works, but I didn’t get the same pump like I did after warming up in warm water. My girth gains have stopped and when I started using the moist heat, I can already feel the difference, although I won’t know if it really is more beneficial until I measure next month. I’ve been on a 3 month plateau for girth, so if I gain after this month with moist heat, I’m sold. But what works for me may not work for you. I just posted that just in case someone has the same problem with lack of gains… maybe they’ll try the moist heat and it will work for them. good luck with the gains…one day, you’ll probably be wannabeten!

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