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Videos will not download on MAC

Videos will not download on MAC

Ok I have a mac and the only video I can get to download is the dry jelq. I’m after the wet jelq and stretches but they save as a 9kb file.

Tried Safari and Chrome various ways.

EDIT: Just tried the squeeze video and it worked but really only need the wet/stretch.

Anyone else having problems or can help with the mac?

Hi Yoshi,

Welcome to the forum.

I can see we are serving the files and I can see that you’ve tried to download 5 videos recently but I’m not seeing a connection in for data.

I just tested with Chrome 24 and it works fine for me. Safari is a much more limited browser though. If you want a quick solution and your version of Chrome is up to date, try using Firefox. If Firefox doesn’t work, it may be your firewall blocking access to the downloads.

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Thanks but I still can’t get a thing to work. Just tried firefox and updated to chrome 24. I will look more into the firewall and how that works, only had the mac a couple months.

Please explain to me, as if I were a child, the steps to download, say the wet jelq video. If I right click there’s no real options to download the vid. If I left click it opens in a new tab and nothing happens.

This is driving me nuts.

EDIT: Firewall was off whole time.

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Left clicking should do the job, it will open up a tab but it’s going to be forced to download it somehow in the normal course of events.

The fact that it works sometimes is interesting. If you are going at the download button like a machine gun* and hitting our server several times a second, you might be hitting our flood rate prevention systems. Try waiting 1/2 hr. Click once and waiting even if nothing appears to happen immediately (your computer may have slow reactions in certain sistuations). Then once the first one has downloaded, do the same thing again.

If that doesn’t work, do you have an easier alternative, like a linux box or an android phone you could download from?

*not the trigger on the machine gun, the speed of round departure of the machine gun.

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Right click option

I know this isn’t exactly a new thread, and this is my first post, but I was also having issues with this and find that if you Right click on the “Download Video” button and select “Download Linked File” the file will download properly and it can be unzipped using Stuffit Expander.

Hi MedPsy,

Welcome to the forum.

A mouse with more than one button? On a mac? I don’t understand. Next you’ll be telling me the browser you’re using is built from Free Software.

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I can’t get them to work on mac either


Starting 14/04/13 ~ 5.50 NBPEL, 4.75 MSEG

I confirm that downloading works on OSX 10.8.4, Safari 6.0.5.

But every .zip file is renamed .zip.mpg for some reason.

My apologize, I use a standard mouse with my Mac mini. The equivalent would be a two finger tap on the trackpad I believe. It worked for me when I couldn’t download the movies by clicking on the links normally, had to right click (two finger tap) and choose Download Linked File to get it to work. It downloads a zipped file that then has to be opened, I used Stuffit Expander to do this.

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