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Vacu-hanger swollen tip and slight discoloration

Vacu-hanger swollen tip and slight discoloration

Hi Guys,

I have been trying out my vac-ads, extender, and all the other goodies. I have found that the biggest one, the vac ads is the most comfortable for me. What I encounter though is, after a while the tip/urethra will be moist and swollen. I have used the yellow contriction sleeve, and tried my hardest to put it on tight as directed. It does definitely help the glands, but the tip stills gets swollen and larger hole than normal. I have different tapes and wraps, so I don’t know if that would help.

What should I do? Besides this problem, I can hang for a good while it seems without problems. Thanks! Maybe monkey can chime in on this.

It seems like on the extender I get maximum pull sensation when it’s perfectly angled straight out.

What is the technique to wrapping? I bought an assortment of cloth tapes, and bandages and would like to know if I should tape the whole glands, or just the tip urethra opening.

The urethra tends to open up from the pressure which is not cool.

Should I tape, in conjunction with using the constriction sleeve? Or just use one or the other?

Has anyone found the thumb off a rubber glove to work better as a sleeve?

If you want to wrap, which I suggest, you should get some 2” or 3” self-adhesive sports wrap from CVS or another pharmacy. Also, the swollen tip goes away completely after a week break. Even with wrapping when I was hanging the meatus would still be somewhat swollen, nothing bad, however.

Thanks 10inch! Should this wrap be waterproof, or made of a rubbery material? I ask because the “paper” tape and cloth tape I’m using seems to help, but still lets moisture through. I will definitely make a run to cvs if I can get a specific kind. I thought there was only one kind lol!


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