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Hi all. I am still relatively new, and I just bought my VacExtender2 from monkeybar’s website.

Any opinions on its effectiveness?

Hope to gain quite a bit, if not for physical, then psychological reasons (confidence, etc.).


Hi NLPer?


Your thread is too short is really difficult to give an opinion. Have you finished newbie routine? What are you goals, length or girth gain?

Most of us here combine Penis device with manual exercises, how do you plan to use it?

Back on the subject vacextender2 sound good idea, it is hard to wear it for 8 hours but just build up slowly

I am relatively new to this forum, although I have been familiar with penile exercises for quite some time. I hadn’t planned on doing anything other than manual stretches, and then put the vacads on and let it do the work.

I would like to actually be at around 10” bpel, and around 7” eg.

I know they sound like they are ridiculous goals, but I am a big person (6’2” tall, and 350 pounds, which is a little over 20 stone). We shall see…

Right now, just with doing my stretching and jelqing exercises, I am about 8” BPEL and around 6” EG, but I still feel a sense of inadecuacy due to my physical size.

I am not a big fun of “Penis Extenders”I read threads here where some guys report 1” to 2” inches length gain in between 8-10 months.
The reason I don’t like that much extenders is because it cut blood circulation, your dick will get too cold and you might drop little bit in erection quality.My advice is try to remove the device every 3 hours and jelq for 10min to force the blood into the penis..

Try to create a good routine..

For me personally you dick is big enough to satisfy any girl, unless you like that kind of basketball girl just like “lisa leslie” 6”9 tall lol!! Then you will need 12” to 14” for that .joking lol

Yeah, I can see your point. For me, it’s something I have always wanted.

Thanks for the advice.

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