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Using my ADS with metal rods in a hot bath... at risk because of the metal in water?

Using my ADS with metal rods in a hot bath... at risk because of the metal in water?

Hey guys,

I’m sorry if this is ridiculous to ask, but does anyone else use an ADS (VacExtender, for example) with metal rods in a hot bath?

I’ve begun doing this and thought today that since water can make metal rust, maybe there’s something not so safe or healthy for my skin when I’m in there keeping it submerged.

I am pretty sure there’s probably nothing wrong with it, but I failed chemistry multiple times and was hoping someone would confirm that I’m an idiot for worrying :)

As for the routine I’m trying…

It’s just 20 minutes of a hot bath with my ADS keeping my unit stretched about 70% up the rods, which I’d venture is pulling the stretch out to 7” or so, but I still have to measure.

From there I get out of the tub and let it air dry in the same state for about 10 minutes before I completely remove it from the ADS. I am thinking of even letting the portion of it that connects to the head stay on to let it hang freely to keep it from turtling (the weight of the head piece seems to be enough), but we’ll see. I’ll be doing this 2 on 1 off for the first month, then hopefully working my way to 5 on 2 off.

I am just getting back into PE again and need to be more consistent than my previous attempts, and this seems like the easiest and perhaps safest routine I’ve tried, so hopefully it will be easier to stick with. Only other thing I plan on doing is kegels each day.

Not a ridiculous question at all. :)

Others may be able to speak to specific models but some other general things to consider is that even if the rods are stainless steel, are there internal springs and are they stainless? and even if the internal springs are stainless, will that internal area (or any other nook or cranny) completely dry out after use or will it possibly become a mold hazard?

I’ve never used one in the bath. I would always picture my kids gross bath toys I would have to throw out after a month.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Haha.gross bath toys :D :


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